d3 Technologies gx range

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d3 Technologies gx range

With d3 Technologies’ new gx range, users can render video, audio, MIDI, tracking and automation data, or interactive inputs in real-time for shows that respond to their environments. Whether it’s smoke that moves as it’s touched or water that ripples as performers pass by, immersive experiences are transforming how live content is being designed. There are two models in the gx range: the gx 2 and gx 1. The gx 2 has the fastest professional grade GPU currently available and offers two VFC slots (two 4K outputs, or eight HD outputs) in d3’s rugged road-proven chassis. The gx 1 brings the same power density to smaller shows and installations. It packs a powerful single-width workstation GPU and a single VFC slot (one 4K, or four HD outputs) into an all-new compact yet rugged 2U pro chassis. Propelling generative content forward is Notch, a third-party software partner and a tool for creativity, which enables creatives to make real-time, live interactive visual content.




d3 Technologies Unveils 2x4pro Media Server

London (January 25, 2017) – d3 Technologies is proud to announce the introduction of its newest media server, the 2x4pro. The new server, like the flagship 4x4pro, supports d3’s popular interchangeable VFC (Video Format Conversion) cards, enabling users to drive up to 8 outputs ...read more

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gx Range Makes US Debut at InfoComm 2017

d3 Technologies will introduce its new gx range to the US market at InfoComm 2017, June 14-16, in the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando.  The d3 team, who will be in Booth 4069, will also display their popular pro range.Prototypes of the gx range were previously shown at ...read more



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VitecEV Vinten Vantage

The Vinten Vantage, a compact and lightweight robotic camera head, is the latest addition to VitecEV’s all-new Creative Studio, a fully integrated video capture and streaming solution designed for use in an enterprise setting. The Vinten Vantage gives enterprise users flexibility ...read more



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