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Danley Sound Labs Subs Solve Low-end Problems at Perimeter Church

Danley Sound Labs Subs Solve Low-end Problems at Perimeter Church

Jan 5, 2006 8:00 AM

Perimeter Church, a progressive Presbyterian ministry based in Atlanta, began as a way to spread its message within the city’s ever-evolving culture and expanding city limits. In its goals to reach “the unchurched,” Perimeter has always aspired to do great things on a large, appealing, alluring and, most importantly, effective scale.

Recently, the technical staff at Perimeter determined that one particular audio problem in the church’s sanctuary—a significant low-frequency deficiency—was no longer effective or tolerable. Something had to be done, but an acoustic redesign recommended by the designing audio consulting firm just wasn’t feasible. At that point, Mike Hedden and his firm dB Audio & Video, a Georgia-based “design-build-install” audio contractor, were asked to stage a demo with the manufacturer of sound reinforcement loudspeaker technology he’s proud to champion—Danley Sound Labs.

“They wanted to upgrade the low-end in their main auditorium,” recalls Hedden. “They had been told by the designing consultant until they spent an extra $100,000 on acoustic treatment, they wouldn’t have the tight low-end they wanted. While the church worked on getting the funding for the recommended acoustical treatment, the church’s tech directors decided to demo a number of subs. They brought in several different speaker manufacturers, including Meyer Sound, EAW, Bag End, Apogee Sound, and Danley Sound Labs.”

Knowing that four Danley TH-115 compact touring subwoofers could possibly solve the problem, Hedden was proven right with each smile that appeared on the faces of two particular tech directors that he had worked with on a previous job at Mount Pisgah Methodist Church. “I had known Matt and Steve for a while, and had been around since Perimeter was built,” he explains. “And I was familiar with their longstanding audio problems. During the demo, the head of the department said, ‘Stop. Guys, we haven’t implemented the $100,000 acoustic treatment, and we just heard the low-end that we were told wasn’t possible until we did.’ I told them that the Danley product would do what they wanted it to do. And the demo proved it.”

The Danley TH-115 is a compact, lightweight, road-friendly, and super-portable low-frequency solution, as proven in the install of four of the units at Perimeter Church. An array of four TH-115 enclosures offers a sensitivity of 109dB to 110dB at 39Hz. At full rated power, the array offers real-world performance of 140dB at 39Hz.

According to Hedden, the superiority of the Danley TH-115 loudspeakers comes down to one factor: “It’s Danley’s patent-pending tapped horn technology, the most significant innovation for subwoofer design in years,” Hedden boasts. “Tom Danley’s BassTech 7 was the de facto standard for touring subwoofer system in the mid-80s; U2, the Jackson’s Victory Tour, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, and a host of other tours were out with BassTechs. What is appealing about the TH-115s [is] that the tapped horn technology allows us to take four TH-115s versus four BassTech 7s. The four TH-115s have similar low-frequency response—within 1Hz to 2Hz—but weigh half as much as the BassTech 7. They take up half the space in a truck, and cost half as much, all while having four times the output!”

For more information about Perimeter and Danley Sound Labs, visit and, respectively.

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