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Designed to Engaged

BrightSign XD Series media players drive digital signage network at Mary’s Woods retirement community.

Mary’s Woods is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) located just south of Portland. Mary’s Woods recently made significant facilities investment, including the implementation of a digital signage network to improve communication between Mary’s Woods, its visitors, its staff, and the residents. The facility needed an easy-to-manage, single, networked system to inform residents and staff about Mary’s Woods’ news, activities, events, and announcements across the campus. A network of eight displays replaced a combination of bulletin boards, fliers, and other ad-hoc announcements.

EcoDigital Media was both the integrator and content manager of the project. Installation required a reliable commercial-grade media player solution to integrate tightly with the 24/7 capabilities of the Planar PS series displays. The installation includes nine 46in. and 55in. Planar PS and SL series LCD
 displays (two PS4652, three PS5552, three PS4661-T, and one SL5550). The independent living facility features two displays side-by-side that shows a daily calendar of events, each day’s menu, upcoming events, birthday announcements, pastoral services, new resident introductions, as well as construction updates featuring architect videos showcasing facility expansion plans and improvements. Single screens are placed at the entrance to both dining facilities to display news, announcements, and menus, as well as offer touch interactivity to order food and make dining reservations. A standalone kiosk is planned for the activities area where residents will use touchscreen interactivity to arrange transportation, sign up for and RSVP to various events.

All displays are powered by BrightSign XD230, XD232, and XD1032 digital signage media players, networked wirelessly via in-facility Wi-Fi. Delivery of zoned presentations, live video, media feeds, scheduled content, as well as the ability to frequently update content in realtime was paramount. The entire digital signage network was set up and is managed using BrightSign Network, and BrightSign HTML5 widget is used to stream website content for both the static and touchscreen kiosks. EcoDigital Media provides ongoing content management and support.

Since the installation, residents are much better informed than with previously used legacy signage.

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