Digital Projection International E-Vision LASER 4K-UHD

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Digital Projection International’s new E-Vision LASER 4K-UHD, powered by Texas Instruments DLP technology, produces 7,500 lumens through Digital Projection’s solid-state laser phosphor illumination. For applications that demand more expansive contrast performance, the E-Vision LASER 4K-UHD is available in a high-contrast version, claiming an 18,000:1 contrast ratio while still producing 4,700 lumens. Digital Projection’s LASER line of projectors provide the lowest cost of ownership as a result of the laser illumination system’s extensive 20,000-hour life-span. These projectors can be oriented in nearly any position, allowing customers to place rich, large-scale imagery in practically any venue and on any projection surface. Other capabilities of the E-Vision 4K-UHD include built-in edge blend, 3D source compatibility, HDBaseT connectivity, and a DICOM Simulation Mode for medical imaging.



Lamp or Laser?

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