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Dukane Upgrades the ConVA Media Control System

Dukane Upgrades the ConVA Media Control System

Jan 3, 2006 8:00 AM

Dukane has announced ConVA version 2.1, the latest release of the ConVA media control system. The new software that gives presenters and administrators the ability to control, monitor, and assess the AV systems in their classrooms and conference rooms has been improved to include several important new features.

ConVA version 2.1 allows administrators to run asset status reports and easily determine if any of their equipment is experiencing an error. These reports can be viewed on the administrator’s PC or scheduled on an interval basis to automatically email a key administrator.

Several backend software distribution upgrades have been introduced in ConVA version 2.1, including easier access and sharing of log data, the ability to automatically check for software updates, and increased versatility for the traveling presenter.

“The ConVA media control system has really generated significant interest since it was first announced in June of this year. We have several hundred classrooms in Dallas and Indianapolis that are utilizing ConVA, and the feedback we have received from them has been very encouraging,” explains Jim Locascio, president of Dukane’s audiovisual products division. Locascio states, “The latest release of ConVA version 2.1 improves upon our already stable software package by making information and data sharing easier and more convenient.”

ConVA version 2.1 is available to ship immediately. For more information on the ConVA media control system, visit

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