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Emerging Technologies: HDBaseT Products

A roundup of the latest HDBaseT products on the market

Emerging Technologies: HDBaseT Products

Feb 19, 2014 3:15 PM, By Jessaca Gutierrez | Posted by Jessaca Gutierrez

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Kramer Electronics introduced the TP−580T and TP−580R transmitter and receiver using HDBaseT Lite technology to send HDMI with embedded audio, bi-directional RS−232, and IR over distances of up to 230ft. (70 meters). For resolutions above 1080p60 and up to 4k by 2k, distances of up to 131ft. (40 meters) can be achieved. The products are ideal for use in diverse applications such as lecture theaters, houses of worship, boardrooms, classrooms, or where it is easier to run shielded category cable than traditional HDMI cables. The TP−580T and TP−580R support HDCP, 3D passthrough, deep color, x.v.Color, CEC, lip sync, HDMI uncompressed audio channels, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS−HD. They are each housed in a compact Kramer Tool enclosure and powered by the supplied 12V adapter.


KanexPro announced a new array of HDBaseT matrix switchers engineered to work with broader range of environments. These matrix switchers are fully compatible with signal resolutions up to 1080p/60 or 1920×1200 and support HDMI specification features including data rates up to 6.75Gbps, deep color up to 12-bit, 3D, HD lossless audio formats, and CEC. The HDBaseT matrix features ultra-fast switching with up to 32×32, 4×4 matrix receivers powered over Ethernet (PoE), dedicated audio zones for digital and stereo audio, audio extractor built-in on 4×4 matrix, supports Cat-5e lengths up to 70 meters (230ft.), integrated signal processing, and signal re-clocking and equalizer built-in.

Lightware MX-TPS-IB


Lightware offers both input and output boards and extenders for handling 4K video signals with embedded audio over a single twisted pair. The 8-channel MX-TPS-IB input board and MX-TPS-OB output board are HDBaseT HDMI 1.4a boards, which provide HDMI 1.4, audio, Ethernet, and RS-232 extension on a single Cat-5/6/7 cable up to 180 meters. Optional digital or analog audio connectors are also available, allowing for audio embedding or de-embedding. Integrated advanced professional functions include HDCP enable/disable mode, pixel-accurate re-clocking, advanced EDID management, and input signal frame detector. They are compatible with deep color, Dolby TrueHD, and DTS-HD audio, and features PCM audio sample rate conversion. The HDMI-TPS-TX90 and RX90 HDBaseT HDMI 1.4a extenders are designed to work with the MX-TPS boards. These twisted-pair transmitters and receivers extend uncompressed full HD video up to 180 meters over a single Cat cable. The units offer bi-directional RS-232, IR, and Ethernet passthrough all on the same Cat-5e/Cat-7 cable that carries the video signal.


The SmartAVI SDX-2P dual DVI KVM extender with RS-232 and audio can send uncompressed dual HDCP DVI-D (1900×1200), dual RS-232, audio, and USB 1.1 (keyboard and mouse) up to 400ft. over any two Cat-5/5e/6 cables. SDX-2P allows users to control two monitors with dual RS-232 commands, while maintaining uncompressed video capabilities. The SDX-2P is designed for a wide array of applications, such as video editing and live broadcasting, among others. SDX-2P caters to the needs of many industries using video editors, allowing the editor control of the feeds at a great distance from the computer source. SDX-2P has been used in surgical units displaying and updating patient information, in houses of worship, newsrooms, and education institutions.

Atlona AT-HD-CLSO-612


New from Atlona at ISE 2014 is the AT-HD-CLSO-612 switcher. Ideal for classroom and boardroom applications, this switcher delivers the convenience of two HDMI, two HDBaseT, and two VGA inputs (RGBHV, component, S-Video, and composite via dongles), which provide connectivity for virtually any device. On the other side, it provides a scaled HDBaseT output to optimize the resolution displayed in the room. The AT-HD-CLSO-612 is also fully Ultra HD (4Kx2K) compatible, enabling upscaling to 4K from any source. In terms of audio, the solution provides de-embedding, a microphone input, balanced in/out analog audio, and master volume control directly from the front panel.

WyreStorm EX-1UTP-IR-50-POH


The WyreStorm EX-1UTP-IR-50-POH extender set joins WyreStorm’s 70-meter and 100-meter extenders for shorter integration distances of up to 50 meters. The EX-1UTP-IR-50-POH extender set is comprised of a transmitter and receiver to achieve reliable transmission of fully uncompressed HD 1080p video and multi-channel audio, bidirectional IR control, and remote power of the source and display using only a single Cat-5e/6 cable, according to the company. The new extender is tested to support 4K Ultra HD transmission up to 35 meters. Several EX-1UTP-IR-50-POH can be cascaded over Cat-5e/6 cable to lengthen the transmission and increase distribution capabilities, making it ideal for residential and light commercial, as well as hospitality and education facility applications. It also features PoH technology, eliminating the need for a separate power supply at the TV for simpler installation as the receiver is powered from the transmitter at the source end.

Matrix Router

ThetvONE MX-8488 HDMI 8×8 matrix router with HDBaseT outputs allows distribution of eight HDMI signals (with 3D support) to up to eight HDBaseT outputs for Cat-6 extension as far as 330ft. (100 meters) at 1080p or 1920×1200, either independently or simultaneously. In addition, the MX-8488 allows for flexible control using IP control, IR remote control, RS-232, or the front panel. The switcher uses single-link (225MHz/6.75Gbps) video processing circuitry and supports HDMI (with HDCP) video with deep color, EDID, and 7.1 channel audio.

Intelix FLX-44


Liberty AV Solutions announced the immediate availability of the latest Intelix four-input by four-output HDMI/HDBaseT matrix, FLX-44. The new FLX-44 features four HDMI inputs and four HDBaseT outputs with mirrored HDMI ports on outputs 1 and 2. The FLX-44 includes HDBaseT transmission chips to easily reach 70 meters (230ft.) over a single Cat-6 or greater cable, and includes PoE (Power over Ethernet) to power the remote extender, such as the DIGI-HD60C-R. The FLX-44 has the bandwidth to allow deep color, full 3D, and up to 7.1 multichannel audio to be routed to any output. The compatible receivers are DIGI-HD70-R, DIGI-HD60C-R, and DIGI-HDE-R. The FLX-44 can be controlled via the front panel, local or remote infrared (IR), RS232, Ethernet, or via a web browser. The FLX-44 supports bidirectional wideband IR, which allows the matrix to pass IR signals from the matrix to the display and/or vice versa. Each output supports RS-232 tunneling through the HDBaseT extender. RS-232 commands to remote displays can also be embedded in the control stream through the matrix from both the RS-232 and Ethernet control ports, which will reduce the number of serial ports required for the control system.

Hall Research UHBX-3S


The Hall Research UHBX-3S is an HDMI 1.4-compliant splitter with one local HDMI output and three HDBaseT outputs for transmission to compatible receivers up to 150 meters (500ft.) away. The splitter supports HDCP, 3D, deep color, CEC, and 4Kx2K resolution. EDID management is integrated into the unit with “pass-thru,” “learn,” and “emulate” features. Advanced users can use the USB port to download, edit, and upload EDID data to and from the device. The unit provides an RS-232 port that can individually address and control remote displays that feature RS-232 interface. The UHBX-3S provides convenient front-panel LED status indicators for all HDBaseT parameters to quickly verify proper operation. The UHBX-3S supports PoH (Power over HDBaseT) using an optional external 48V DC power supply (511-PS4812). Compatible receivers are powered from the sender using PoH standard so no additional power supplies are needed. The HDBaseT-compliant PoH performs all necessary low-voltage handshakes prior to injecting supply on the UTP line for maximum reliability, safety, and compliance. Compatible receivers include the economical UH1BT-R and UH-1BTX-R for HDMI only or UHBX-R-PD that supports RS-232, PoH, and long-reach modes.


Gefen’s 32×32 High Definition Fast Switching Technology Modular Matrix for HDMI with HDCP supports up to 32 high-definition sources and 32 displays using HDMI. Each source can be integrated and cross-point routed in any configuration. The modular approach offers HDMI extension over Cat-5 cable using Gefen ELR (Extra Long Range) technology based on HDBaseT for added flexibility. The GefenPRO 32×32 HDFST Modular Matrix for HDMI with HDCP routes any 32 sources to any 32 displays in an HDMI in/out configuration. A second configuration allows for HDMI in with HDBaseT out for displays located anywhere within a 330ft. (100 meters) distance of the matrix frame. Users can tailor their outputs to enable different configurations. The 8x HDMI output board connects to eight displays using standard HDMI cable. The 8x ELR output board extends HDMI and bidirectional IR to a small receiver unit using one Cat-5 cable per display. This matrix can accommodate any combination of output boards to achieve the desired infrastructure for both local and/or extended outputs.

Broadata Communications Link Bridge LBH Series Transport Systems


The Broadata Communications Link Bridge LBH Series Transport Systems represent a full product line of HDBaseT extenders that span all of the possible video formats including all analog and digital signals. The transports are available in multiple form factors, standalone boxes, Decora-style wall plates, direct pluggable modules, as well as a multi-format scaler and an auto-scaling receiver.

DVIGear’s DVI TPS Extenders


DVIGear’s new HDMI and DVI TPS (TPS is the company’s nomenclature for HDBaseT) extenders enable extension of 4K (UHD) signals up to 250ft. and 1080p signals up to 600ft. over a single Cat-X cable. These extenders support multiple signal connections over a single Cat-X cable, including: HDMI or DVI, RS-232, IR, and Ethernet. They can be remotely powered from either the transmitter or receiver, or from DVIGear’s MXP Series digital matrix routing switchers.

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