First Baptist Church of Hendersonville Purchases ATI's 8MX2 Preamp

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First Baptist Church of Hendersonville Purchases ATI's 8MX2 Preamp

Dec 1, 2005 8:00 AM

With high-end recording systems for houses of worship on the rise, Hendersonville Baptist Church recently installed six 8-channel ATI 8MX2s supplied by Rack-N-Roll out of Nashville.

Rack-N-Roll Audio, a Nashville, Tenn.-based audio contractor, has installed a 48-channel 8MX2 high-voltage microphone preamp/mixer from Audio Toys in a new recording facility for longtime rental client, First Baptist Church of Hendersonville. The large complement of 8-channel analog mic preamp units provides a critical, high-quality front-end to the new digital audio workstation-based recording system designed and installed by Rack-N-Roll.

"For the price, it's the highest quality preamp on the market. The mic pre is extremely transparent and produces a great, clean sound," says Jeremy Ramsey, the general manager of Rack-N-Roll. He adds, "We have the 8MX2 in our own portable recording rig." Last year, company owner and recording engineer Rob Dennis recorded a couple of live tracks for Toby Keith's "Greatest Hits Two" album using Rack-N-Roll's mobile ATI preamp system.

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Forty-eight channels of ATI 8MX2 mic pres were selected by Rack-N-Roll Audio for the First Baptist Church of Hendersonville, Tenn.'s new digital recording system.

Given the church's extensive musical productions, which frequently involve a full orchestra in addition to a choir, the need for a large complement of mic preamps was clear. After years of working with the 8MX2 in its rental business, Rack-N-Roll convinced the church that going with the best mic preamp for the money was essential to moving into full professional-quality recording capabilities.

Says Ramsey, "Before their renovation, the church was only able to record a stereo mix off of the front-of-house console. Now, with the 8MX2 outboard preamps at the front-end, they can perform more in-depth mixing on the fly or after the fact, rather than just recording the mix that's heard live in the venue. The church now has the capability to produce studio-quality recordings."

Over the years, worship services have increased in complexity, as has their reliance on high-tech audiovisual equipment. And, now, an increasing number of churches are also adding high-end recording production technology in order to disseminate their message through a variety of media. After years of relying on suppliers such as Rack-N-Roll for rented equipment and outside expertise to help produce, record, and archive increasingly elaborate musical productions presented as part of its services, First Baptist Church finally decided to bring those capabilities in-house.

"We're seeing a lot of churches moving in the direction of multi-track recording," says Ramsey. "The 8MX2 is a very cost-effective product and a great solution for churches that have the staff in place to be able to grow that side of the worship environment." Rack-N-Roll provided a full complement of recording equipment to the First Baptist Church of Hendersonville, including six 8-channel ATI 8MX2 units, which are integrated with a 72-channel Jensen transformer-isolated split and a Digidesign Pro Tools HD recording system controlled by a Focusrite Control 24 in a setup that provides the church with the ability to handle up to 48 tracks.

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