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Galaxy Audio MST-18 and MST-25

A new family of mic and speaker stands for a variety of applications.

Galaxy Audio’s MST-18 and MST-25 are tripod mic stands that come complete with boom arms, with the MST-25 featuring all metal construction. The MST-R25 is a round base mic stand, perfect for those tight fit places on stage or in the studio. Galaxy has also added two new speaker stands: the SST-35 and the SST-45. The SST-45 is all metal construction and will go up to 81in. and the SST-35 extends to 78in.

Availability: Now

Price: MST-18, $17.99; MST-25, $24.99; MST-R25, $24.99; SST-35, $34.99; SST-45, $44.99

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