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Genelec Smart IP Platform

AT ISE, Genelec unveiled unique open IP networking technology platform, aimed specifically at the installation market. The platform is designed to deliver power, audio and scalable loudspeaker system configuration, supervision and calibration features via a single standard CAT5 cable. It will be rolled out over a range of Genelec’s installed audio loudspeakers starting in Q4. Based on IP and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), the Genelec technology platform includes a proprietary internal power supply that delivers much higher SPLs than was previously possible via any conventional PoE. Indeed, the Genelec solution is powerful enough to run small to medium sized systems – a world first. The platform also enables flexible system integration, supervision, management and monitoring over IP. It brings the well-established elements of Genelec’s studio loudspeaker management software to the installed market and those unique problems– including device discovery, automatic room equalization and calibration, system organization and status monitoring.

The smart IP platform solution is compatible with the most popular audio-over-IP networking protocols for complete flexibility and scalability. A standard analog input is also included, increasing the system design flexibility. 

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