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Guifx Victoria

Guifx announced the release of its Victoria user interface (UI) kit

Guifx Victoria

Aug 21, 2010 4:58 PM

Guifx announced the release of its Victoria user interface (UI) kit. The ultimate control interface for operating distributed audio, video, and whole-house climate, lighting, and security systems, Victoria offers unprecedented ease of use with simple, intuitive navigation, and an elegant design that is right at home in any high-end environment. Providing uncompromising convenience at home or away, Victoria is Guifx’s first UI to be compatible with Crestron’s Mobile G iPad application, according to the company. Guifx’s QuicKey navigation system allows users to quickly adjust lights or climate settings. Non-AV activities open in a modal window, which is simply closed to return to the previous screen and back to the automation functions. Unlike solutions with floor-plan navigation, Victoria uses a room-grid layout, providing an organized method of selecting and receiving feedback from rooms. Icons representing each room or zone improve the user experience even further by speeding up visual recognition. To provide a gentler user experience in darkened conditions, such as when operating a dedicated home theater, a low-light mode dims the background to be less distracting and easier on the user’s eye. Price: Starting at $499.99 (240×320 kit); $799.99 (Crestron Mobile G Kit); $2,999.99 (bundle including all sizes plus the Crestron Mobile G Kit)

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