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Hall Research PGA-VHD

This battery-operated instrument provides a wealth of tools for verification and trouble shooting AV systems. It provides an HDMI and both VGA and HDMI outputs. It has a large 4K touch screen for operation; the display can also act as an HDMI monitor and signal analyzer. When configured as a Patter Generator, it can provide both legacy VGA and digital HDMI outputs supporting HDMI 2.0a with HDR standards. Embedded audio of up to 8-channel @192K is provided. The analyzer can perform system level “loop tests” acting as both a source and sink to test repeater, extenders and cables, and can also act as a pass-thru HDMI signal analyzer. Comes with universal power supply; up to 4-6 hours on a charge. Various tests and reports are provided; it can also test extenders, splitters, switchers, and scalers. An Ethernet port allows all functions to be controlled via Telnet. Comes with a rugged carrying case.

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