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Harbinger LvL series compact mixers

Available in 12-, 8-, and 5-channel configurations

The new LvL series of compact mixers from Harbinger offers 12-, 8-, and 5-channel configurations (12-channel L1202FX, 8-channel L802, and 5-channel L502) with standard features that include integrated LvL Series EQ, Input/Peak indicator LEDs on every channel, and a 5-segment LED main mix meter. All models feature switchable phantom power for condenser mics, convenient headphone outputs, and RCA inputs for easy connection to computers or external recorders, as well as a robust AC power supply. Ideal for compact and portable applications, all three mixers are housed in a rugged, all-metal chassis.
Availability: Now
Price: L502, $44.99; L802, $64.99; L1202FX, $109.99

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