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Indiana University Streamlines Videowall Cabling with Gefen

HDMI with 3DTV, Ethernet, and IR are sent up to 100 meters via a single CAT-5 cable.

Indiana University’s state-of-the-art Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL) is where students, teachers, academics, and on-campus professionals go to explore innovative applications of visual technologies. Supporting visualization-related activities in research, education, and community-related outreach for the university, AVL provides access to progressive hardware/software systems that assist teams in computing, designing, visualizing, simulating, and modeling 3D cyber systems.

To produce flawless delivery of high-definition content to AVL’s Science on a Sphere, AVL’s UITS Project Manager and Team Lead, Chris Eller, chose Gefen Extender for HDMI 1.3 with Ethernet, which uses a single Cat-5 cable to send HDMI with 3DTV, Ethernet, and IR up to 100 meters.

“We had a bit of a challenge here because even though the projectors are in the same building as the SOS, they are up to 150ft. apart,” says Eller of the Science on a Sphere (SOS) display. “We installed four Gefen Extenders for HDMI 1.3 over Cat-5 with Ethernet to deliver signals from the projectors to our SOS with great results. We were able to use network cabling, which is much easier to maintain and service, and more economical than fiber.”

Located within an experiential environment, students can deploy their own unique content.


Gefen Extender for HDMI 1.3

The Extender for HDMI 1.3 over Cat-5 with Ethernet by Gefen extends a high-definition display with multichannel digital audio and Ethernet at resolutions 1080p full HD and Ultra HD 4Kx2K, up to 300ft. using one Cat-5 cable. DVI-D is supported when used with an HDMI to DVI adapter, while 3D content can be displayed when a 3DTV and 3D source are connected. Extension of Ethernet connectivity enables Internet or local area network access for HDTVs, home PCs, video game consoles, DVRs, and any device that needs fast 10/100 Base-T network access. The IR back-channel feature lets users control hi-def sources as if they were located at the display.

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