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InfoComm Best of Show Awards: 2017

Recognizing outstanding products exhibited at the 2017 InfoComm Show

Adder Technology // Adder CCS-PRO8

The CCS-PRO8 creates a single workspace from up to eight different computers, across eight (or more) different screens, all controlled via a single keyboard and mouse, improving desk ergonomics and user efficiency and accuracy. It features seamless Free Flow connectivity, allowing users to move a mouse pointer across screen borders to target and manage the selected computer. This concept of seamless connectivity also applies to the CCS-PRO8 audio mixing function, which allows operators to nominate audio levels from each connected computer, meaning audio alerts can be heard even when the computer is not in active use. The keep-alive function also enables all connected computers to be set to stay awake, making it ideal for long work periods and mission critical applications. Judges pegged this for control rooms and monitoring applications.

AptoVision // BlueRiver NT1000

BlueRiver NT1000 is the latest product in AptoVision’s BlueRiver NT+ Series of AV-over-IP chipsets, built to transport uncompressed, ultra-low-latency Ultra HD/4K HDR over Ethernet. It’s a scaled down implementation, purpose-built for simple switching and AV/KVM extension that lets manufacturers replace traditional AV matrix switches with IP switches with up to 60 percent savings. This lower cost and lower power chipset lets manufacturers offer a complete AV-over-IP product line at a variety of price points. It also enables the creation of endpoints (encoders and decoders)with much smaller footprints, making them ideal for installations where saving space is a priority. From the judges: “AptoVision has moved forward with their chipset while also advancing video over IP with their new APIs.”

Arista Corporation // IP Flash Caster

This AV over IP signal distribution system delivers uncompressed 4K audio-visual content with ultra-low latency over IP via off-the-shelf Ethernet hardware. The IP Flash Caster is an end-to-end system for AV and KVM signal extension, IP-based switching, plus video wall and multi-view applications. It includes support for HDMI 2.0a, HDR, high-fidelity video scaling, and windowing and audio downmixing. Additional benefits include broadcast quality scaling, visually indistinguishable light-compression, multi-source video compositing, video splitting, color space conversion, frame rate conversion, audio embedding/ de-embedding, along with audio down-mixing and audio re-sampling. Judges saw the expandability and customization of the system as the strong points.

Audio-Technica // ATDM-0604 Digital SmartMixer

This six-channel automatic mixer is ideal for meetings, conferences, soft codec applications, courtroom proceedings, radio and TV broadcasts, and other applications involving the use of multiple microphones or other media inputs. The SmartMixer technology allows channels to be mixed automatically in gate or gain sharing mode, ensuring consistent, high-quality audio output from all inputs in a setup, without the introduction of feedback, excessive ambient noise, or comb filtering. Controls and LED indicators on the mixer’s front panel allow users to easily adjust input/output and gain levels; set and recall presets; turn on/off phantom power, low-cut filter, automatic mixing, and acoustic echo canceler; change IP configuration (Auto or Static); and more. From the judges: “Intuitive and affordable, Audio- Technica continues to make strides in the installed audio/conferencing/discussion realm of corporate audio with offerings such as this.”

Barco // UDX-4K32 UDX-4K32 Laser Phosphor Projector

The UDX-4K32 is a laser phosphor high-brightness projector for large venues and events. Delivering 4K UHD resolution and up to 32,000 lumens light output, the UDX is a compact, high-brightness laser projector with integrated cooling. The Constant Light Output (CLO) functionality provides constant brightness and color over time. Equipped with 3-chip DLP technology and a high-contrast optical engine, the projectors excel in brightness, color accuracy, and stability. At full brightness mode, the UDX color quality matches the Xenon quality of Barco’s HDX and HDF series and outperforms the Rec. 709 color space. This allows for an accurate color reproduction at all times. While laser illumination gives more freedom to trade off colors to boost brightness, Barco doesn’t compromise on color to reach high brightness.

BenQ America Corp // Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard is a 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) touch-enabled device aimed at enhancing collaboration in the enterprise workplace—Google’s competitor to Microsoft Surface Hub. (And Google decided to enter the channel with a veteran partner in BenQ). The digital collaborative 55-inch 4K touch-enabled whiteboard makes it easy for teams to engage and share ideas in the conference room or huddle space or for collaborating with a remote team via the integrated videoconferencing features. During a “jam” session, they can draw, type, import, and scribble on images and Google Docs, search the web, communicate with colleagues via Google Hangout, and keep it all saved in Google Drive. Users can sketch out plans in real-time with teammates from across the globe via other Jamboards or the mobile and tablet apps. From the judges: “Simplicity and familiarity with G Suite are what defines this touch enabled 4K UHD whiteboard. Jam sessions combine video collaboration via Google hangouts, and annotating shared content via Google Drive make this powerful.”

Canon U.S.A. // REALiS WUX6500 Pro AV LCOS Projector

The REALiS WUX6500 Pro AV LCOS Projector unites high resolution and brightness to create sharp, detailed images with high contrast and outstanding color. Compatible with a variety of Genuine Canon REALiS interchangeable lenses, this projector offers a native, highly detailed WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution. Genuine Canon optics combined with Canon’s advanced LCOS technology with AISYS-enhancement provide a high brightness of 6500 lumens, up to a 2000:1 contrast ratio and excellent color reproduction. The WUX6500 provides great versatility for installation, including very long throws. The motorized lens shift makes image adjustment easy, while advanced 4-point Keystone Correction allows independent corner adjustment for optimized performance. Judges were impressed by the color and brightness uniformity achieved regardless of lens distance.

Christie Digital Systems USA // Pandoras Box

The latest version of Pandoras Box included Christie Pandoras Box Version 6 software, Widget Designer Version 6, and the OCTO Server hardware. This is the latest version of these software and hardware tools for real-time video processing and show control. They allow users to explore their creativity with more enhancements to the user-experience and workflow along with increased hardware performance. Significantly, Christie Pandoras Box Version 6 features multi-user, simultaneous timeline editing, warping, and content manipulation. This allows multiple operators to work together on a single project in real-time. Widget Designer has also been improved with a completely redesigned HTML-5 user interface, a native HTML front end (that includes CSS styles) and animation and transition support for all pages and all widgets.

Cisco // Spark Room Kit and Room Kit Plus

Cisco Spark Room Kit and Cisco Spark Room Kit Plus are collaboration devices that integrate with flat panel displays to bring more intelligence and usability to your small and medium meeting rooms. The Room Kit (which includes camera, codec, speakers, and microphones integrated in a single device) is ideal for rooms that seat up to 7 people. The Room Kit Plus (with a separate quad-camera bar) can accommodate larger and deeper rooms of up to 14 people. The Room Kits are hardware optimized to run on a cloud platform and offer great experiences for shared rooms and spaces with easy access to hosted conferences. From the judges: “Face recognition and camera image quality sets this product apart from competitors.”

ClearOne // COLLABORATE Versa 150

ClearOne’s COLLABORATE Versa 150 all-in-one package brings professional audio and video quality to familiar PC-based video conferencing applications running on any device in meeting rooms. It includes the CHAT 150 USB speakerphone, UNITE 150 PTZ USB camera, and a central Versa Hub to connect your laptop to in-room AV devices. The Central Versa Hub uses single USB 3.0 connectivity for connecting your laptop to the meeting room and includes connectivity for room’s LAN network, dual displays, PTZ cameras, speakerphone, and peripherals, such as keyboards or mice. The CHAT 150 speakerphone is powered by ClearOne HDConference audio processing with Distributed Echo Cancellation and Acoustic Intelligence with first-mic priority. The UNITE 150 PTZ camera features full-HD 1080p video resolution with 12x optical zoom and 73-degree wide angle view, and the COLLABORATE Versa includes a one-year subscription to the ClearOne Spontania Pro meeting room solution, to host video conferencing and collaboration sessions with up to 25 participants. From the judges: “This has all the features for a great conferencing solution.”

Crestron Electronics // 4K Multi-Window Video Processor

Crestron’s 4K Multi-Window Video Processor with HDBaseT & HDMI Outputs (HD-WP-4K-401-C) enables the display of up to four video sources simultaneously on a single HD, Ultra HD, or 4K display. Parallel HDMI and HDBaseT outputs provide flexible connectivity for the display device and other equipment. Input sources up to 4K are supported via four HDMI inputs. Fully automatic operation enables use without a control system, while enhanced operation and custom functionality can be attained through integration with a control system. Video windowing enhances the presentation and collaboration capabilities of any meeting space, allowing multiple presentation sources to be connected and displayed together on screen. From the judges: “This feature set is exactly what typical users need.”

Crestron Electronics // Avia 8-Channel Power Amplifier

The Crestron Avia AMP-8150 is designed to complement the Avia family of digital signal processors. It furnishes eight channels of amplification in a 1 RU rack-mountable chassis. Each channel is configurable for Lo-Z or Hi-Z operation, as well as stereo and bridged modes. Network connectivity enables configuration, monitoring, and control via the Avia Audio Tool software, a Crestron control system, or Crestron Fusion. The AMP-8150 delivers 150 watts per channel into 4 or 8 ohm “Lo-Z” loads. Each channel is individually configurable via software for use with “Hi-Z” distributed speaker systems (either 70V or 100V). Judges also liked the durable Phoenix connectors and the user-friendly indicator.

Crestron Electronics // Mercury Tabletop Conference System

Crestron’s Mercury Tabletop Conference System combines several conferencing features in one device, enabling people to work together and share content irrespective of location. Integrated room scheduling and corporate directory access help to maximize efficiency. Mercury enables users to instantly and securely present content wirelessly on the room display from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet using built-in Crestron AirMedia. With Mercury, it’s easy to make highly intelligible phone calls from mobile devices or standard SIP phone systems using the built-in, precision-engineered speaker and microphones. Workers can easily collaborate with colleagues via Crestron Mercury from a laptop or dedicated in-room PC using any soft phone, web conferencing or UC application, such as Skype for Business, Cisco WebEx, GotoMeeting, or Slack. Judges particularly liked the features that prevent most common user errors.

Da-Lite // Full Vision

FullVision is a wrap-around projection screen that can be used with the latest projector technology. The FullVision’s borderless and low-profile fixed frame projection screen enables the entire surface to be used for projection. The FullVision is available with HD Progressive surfaces, the latest technology in projection surfaces designed for 4K and Ultra HD to maximize the technology of your projector. The surface of this screen wraps around the aluminum frame and attaches to the rear. It’s a great choice for any space where the screen should blend into the room design when not in use, but should deliver high quality projection when the projector turns on. From the judges: “Aesthetic trends call for AV solutions that blend and disappear in the installation environment. This screen facilitates that, maximizes usable screen area, and does so with very high image quality.”

Denon Professional // DN-500CB

The Denon Professional DN-500CB is a versatile yet affordable media player that excels in applications where users bring their own devices for education, instruction or entertainment. The DN-500CB plays not only CD media but provides Bluetooth connectivity, USB playback, and a 3.5mm AUX input. It satisfies a need in the professional sound arena for a versatile CD player that can deliver first-rate sound from a compact 1U format. This player features Front Panel Lock, Power On Play, direct access to tracks, memory of settings after loss of power, and balanced XLR output. From the judges: “This unit offers the multi-format playback options that many schools, institutions, houses of worship, etc., need today. Denon quality is notable and trustworthy, so this unit is very attractive.”

Draper, Inc. // TecVision CH1200X ALR

TecVision CH1200X ALR is an ambient light-rejecting grey surface. This formulation features an ALR rating of 20, which means 80 percent of ambient light—light not being produced by the projector—is being rejected. CH1200X ALR works best in situations where there is high ambient light and controlled viewing angles. It’s a high-contrast surface with excellent black retention. Since ALR can eat up projector light, the higher 1.2 gain will help brighten the image. CH1200X ALR is 8K ready and ISF certified for color accuracy. It’s also available optically seamless up to 67 feet wide, and as a nanoperfed acoustically transparent solution. From the judges: “The screen surface provides exceptional 80 percent ambient light level rejection, providing users impressive contrast levels in difficult environments (such as the InfoComm show floor). Users will find that Draper’s commitment to innovation and performance have been achieved in their new ALR gray screen material.”

DYNACORD // L & C Series Amplifiers

Both of these amplifier series features a new, powerful and easy-to-use software tool allows full configuration, control, and supervision of sound systems with multiple amplifiers. The software will be available on Dynacord’s website. Sophisticated circuitry and bulletproof high-performance voltage handling give the user peace of mind; the amplifiers and connected loudspeakers are protected from damage and will perform well even in the most demanding environments. Four different models per series are available, with total output power ranging from 1300 W to 3600 W. From the judges: “These worldwide amplifier releases from Dynacord are superb performers, ready to give some household names in amplification a run for their money.”

Electro-Voice // EVID-S

EVID-S is the latest member of the EVID (EV Innovative Design) family of commercial speakers for installed applications. The EVID-S series includes 4-inch, 5.25-inch, and 8-inch 2-way models with matching dual-10-inch and 12-inch subwoofers, making it easy to select a suitable model a specific space. The EVID family is designed for ease-of-installation by the contractor, and offers excellent sound quality, styling, and reliability for the end-user. They are an aesthetically discreet, architecture-friendly solution for bars, restaurants, patio areas, retail spaces, and more. From the judges: ”Electro-Voice offers some of the best, most affordable loudspeakers in the industry; the EVID-S offering is predictably good.”

Epson America, Inc. // BrightLink Pro 1470Ui Laser Interactive Display

Featuring collaborative touch interaction and working just like a dry-erase board, digitally (turn it on and start writing), Epson’s BrightLink Pro interactive display is optimized to enhance the corporate meeting display viewing experience. Simply connect a PC or mobile device and use the BrightLink Pro 1470Ui as a giant tablet, or connect a video conferencing solution for collaboration with anyone, anywhere. The BrightLink Pro 1470Ui Interactive Display is equipped with Epson’s laser light engine and 3LCD technology that delivers up to 4,000 lumens of color brightness and 4,000 lumens of white brightness in full HD, and offers full WUXGA HD quality and 100-inch display size for better readability. From the judges: “The ability to join projectors together provides a dynamic workspace.”

IDK Corporation // 4K@60 4:4:4 AV over IP system; IP-NINJAR

To meet the growing demand for 4K video, IDK has developed IP‐NINJAR, a video over IP solution for high definition signal extension, switching, and manipulation. This 4K solution leverages off‐the‐shelf 10Gb Ethernet switching and enables signal management of 4K/UHD 4:4:4 at 60 Hz signals with ultra-low latency and seamless, multi-format switching. Available as a transmitter/encoder or a receiver/decoder, the IP NINJAR nodes support signal input via the latest HDMI interface, version 2.0 and the supports encryption by utilizing the HDCP 2.2 standard. These interfaces enable IP-NINJAR’s transmission and reception of resolutions up to 4K 4:4:4 at 60Hz at a data rate of 18Gbps with a dot clock frequency of up to 600MHz. Judges rated this product as one of the top choices among the submitted products and called out it’s “very intelligent design.”

IHSE USA// Draco Tera Viewer

The Tera Viewer software provides IP-based preview of video signals passing through Draco tera KVM matrix systems. It is a convenient method of checking and monitoring images, as often required in control and monitoring applications. Live image previews are presented on a separate screen layout, which can be configured through the Tera Viewer software as required. Switching of data paths in the KVM switch can also be achieved by means of a drag-and-drop feature of the Tera Viewer software package. Judges liked the option to control matrix sources from anywhere the workstation is located.

Leyard and Planar, a Leyard Company // LED MultiTouch Interactive LED Video Wall

The new Leyard LED MultiTouch is a seamless LED touch-enabled video wall. Leyard developed the PLTS (Pliable LED Touch Surface) technology for a touch surface that is seamless, smooth, lightweight and durable. The Leyard LED MultiTouch brings advanced interactivity to fine pitch LED video walls, opening up LED display technology to a wide range of collaborative applications. From broadcast to corporate settings to education institutions, Leyard LED MultiTouch offers a seamless touch experience for LED video walls up to 196 inches diagonal with high-resolution 1.2 millimeter pixel pitch. Another of the top picks, it earned this reaction in the judges’ notes: “I haven’t seen anything like this product in the spaces it’s being deployed.”

Liberty AV Solutions // Digitalinx DL-SC51TR Switcher and Extender

The DigitaLinx DL-SC51TR is a 4K compatible, 5×1 auto switcher and HDBT extension system that supports the long distance transport of HDMI and software based VTC peripherals such as USB cameras and microphones and offers automated control whenever a video signal is introduced to the system. At the core of the system is an HDBaseT 2.0 extender that extends HDMI and USB 2.0 up to 70 meters. There are a total of 5 video inputs; two HDMI, one Display Port, one VGA with 3.5 Audio all located on the transmitter and one HDMI input located on the receiver for integration of wireless BYOD products. From the judges: “This is a very useful idea with good array of control options.”

Matrox Graphics Inc. // Extio 3 IP KVM Extenders

Extio 3 securely extends a single 4Kp60 4:4:4 video signal—or four 1080p60 4:4:4 signals—along with keyboard, mouse, stereo audio, and USB 2.0 over standard gigabit Ethernet at low bit rates. When combined with standard GigE network switches, these products create a cost-effective over-IP extension and switching solution, allowing users to securely and instantly switch to any system on the KVM network. Designed to optimize collaboration, Extio 3 provides a secondary H.264 proxy video stream, compatible with H.264 software and hardware decoders, enabling users to view a selected desktop on mobile devices, record it to a network attached storage or to display it on a video wall. Judges were convinced by the hands-on demo, which evidenced no perceivable latency.

Meyer Sound // LINA Very Compact Linear Line Array Loudspeaker

As the newest and smallest member of the LEO Family, the new LINA very compact linear line array loudspeaker exhibits the same inherent linearity, low distortion and power-to-size ratio as its larger siblings. The self-powered LINA loudspeaker measures 20.27 inches (515 mm) wide and weighs 43 pounds (19.5 kg), making it an ideal choice when discreet appearance, portability, and hanging weight restrictions are critical considerations. Also, because LINA shares the same structural footprint as Meyer Sound’s current MINA line array loudspeakers, owners of MINA systems can add LINA to their existing inventory using the same rigging and mounting hardware. From the judges: “Without a doubt, the LINA is one of the better compact line arrays I have ever heard in demo. I would love to hear it in a real-world situation.”

Pro Video Instruments // VeCOAX MICROMOD 3

The VeCOAX MICROMOD-3 – WITH COLOR DISPLAY distributes one channel of any HD video to an unlimited number of TVs over the existing coax cables. It features full HD quality up to 1080P and Dolby Digital Audio. There is no need for new cables or adapters behind TVs, as it’s received on TVs as new HDTV channels. It works with any HDMI, CC closed caption, or SD composite AV source, and is compatible with any HD television—and can also mix with existing, standard channels. From the judges: “The VeCOAX MICROMOD3 provides end users with a smaller form factor than the rack mount ULTRA Series with no reduction in quality or performance. Mini and rackmount blade form factor solutions gives users the ability to scale systems to a variety of needs or budgets.”

RTS Intercom Systems // ROAMEO Wireless Intercom System

Based on the license-free DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) standard, ROAMEO from RTS is an intercom solution with a protected frequency band. It provides high-quality audio via a seamlessly integrated digital wireless beltpack and associated access points. Operating like a wireless keypanel, ROAMEO can be fully integrated into an existing ADAM series. The system allows users to address either individuals or specified groups. The system consists of the TR-1800 beltpack, the AP-1800 access point, and accessories including a charger, holster, and pole-mount kit. Connection to a digital matrix is easily established via a single Ethernet cable. From the judges: “This is strong enough for heavy broadcast and stage use.”

Shure, Inc. // Axient Digital Wireless System

The Axient Digital provides high-performance RF, exceptional audio quality, command and control, and hardware scalability. Axient Digital features two receiver options (dual and quad) that are compatible with its two transmitter offerings, the AD Series and ADX Series. Axient Digital ADX Series transmitters additionally incorporate ShowLink, which provides real-time control of all transmitter parameters along with interference detection and avoidance. The ADX Series also includes the first micro bodypack with an integrated self-tuning antenna, enabling greater concealment and comfort. From the judges: “Once again, Shure ups the ante in the premium quality wireless marketplace. This is the new flagship line for the company, and it will find its way into the world’s premier rental firms’ gear lists ASAP.”

Sony Electronics // BRC-X1000

The BRC-X1000 is Sony’s first 4K PTZ model, offering increased resolution and the ability to future-proof content. It features a 1-inch type Exmor R sensor, which is larger than sensors in a typical PTZ camera and enables higher sensitivity, increased resolution, vivid colors, as well as low light and zoom capabilities, all with less noise. The BRC-X1000 is ideal for small-to-midsize production companies as a primary camera for local broadcast affiliates, cable TV operations, education, hospital and government applications, as well as live event recording for houses of worship or weddings. From the judges: “Sony has a strong track record with cameras, and this is likely to be another reliable product.”

Spectrum Industries // Optio Collaboration Table

Latin for “options,” the configurable Optio Table is available in a variety of table sizes ranging from 60 to 96 inches long and in heights from 27 to 42 inches with fixed legs or electric lift legs allowing for the sit to stand functionality. Casters are also available making these tables easy to move around the room, allowing each group to collaborate seamlessly. With the new Optio Collaboration Table, Spectrum is offering standard cutouts on the work surface—more than 12 are available to fit the popular power and sharing systems. It comes with a 7-inch-wide wire tray for simple power applications or a larger AV Technology channel which can accommodate the largest power, communication, and sharing systems while safely securing and hiding cables and switching boxes. Judges liked the combination of ready-made availability and customization.

Stewart Filmscreen // Phantom HALR

The Phantom HALR screen is available is seamless sizes up to 40 by 90 feet to accommodate the largest, most demanding installations. It is versatile and able to be configured as either a fixed frame wall screen model or a rollable ElectriScreen that will appear and disappear on demand. The Phantom is a high ambient light-rejecting screen that is also acoustically transparent. Available in Cinemaperf or Microperf X2 THX Ultra configurations, Phantom is well suited for object-based audio environments where acoustic transparency is critical. Additionally, it will calibrate out to Rec. 2020 or Rec. 709 standards without obvious color aberrations. Black levels yield an L value of 57 and ambient light reflectance values of 18 percent, and Phantom delivers a more than 30:1 contrast for a 2,000 lumen light output projector in a room with 20-foot candles of ambient light and several sources of light hitting the screen surface at 40-degree angles.

tvONE // CORIOmaster micro

tvONE’s C3-503 CORIOmaster micro is the newest and ultra-compact member of the CORIOmaster product range—and the latest to receive these awards. It’s designed around offering a more efficient approach to building video wall systems. Using tvONE’s CORIO3 technology, it gives the user access to new levels of video processing power in a compact form factor. This half-rack unit delivers the same bandwidth and functionality of CORIOmaster with the capability to accept up to three modules. Along with its smaller size, the CORIOmaster micro adds audio support as well as front-panel buttons for source routing and pre-set recalling. From the judges: “With this feature set, it’s a winner.”

wePresent // WiPG-2100

wePresent’s WiCs-2100 is a wireless presentation collaboration solution that allows presentation, interaction, and collaboration between users with any kind of device. Whether a Windows or Mac computer, smartphone, or tablet. It allows wireless presentations over any existing network (LAN). It easily integrates into any network environment, insuring presentations are mirrored at up to 30 frames per second and in full 1080P HD resolution. Equally used as a technology solution for corporate an education markets, WiCS-2100’s wireless presentation gateway provides many features that are found in high end rack-mounted audio visual room solutions, but removes the worry and hassle of installing those systems.

Williams Sound, LLC // Hearing HotSpot

The Hearing HotSpot is an innovative new listening technology that allows any venue to stream real-time audio via WiFi from TVs, music sources, or live programs directly to an individual’s personal smartphone or tablet. To listen, an individual simply connects to the local Hearing Hotspot WiFi provided by Williams Sound, downloads the free Hearing Hotspot app from the Google Play or Apple App Store, and selects the audio channel they want to hear. The new Hearing HotSpot server includes everything you need to stream multiple channels of audio in real-time over an enterprise WiFi network. Venue-controlled advertising/messages, made available through simple web portal and system updates, are delivered to the venue without on-site visits. From the judges: “Williams Sound’s Hearing HotSpot is a unique, interesting product sure to find traction in the assisted listening realm of the installation business.”

Yamaha // TF-RACK

The TF-RACK is a fully equipped, all-in-one digital mixing solution. It is built around TouchFlow Operation, the TF Series operating system optimized for speed of deployment and operation. From there, the mixer includes Yamaha workflow tools: 1-knob EQ/COMP, GainFinder and QuickPro Presets. The QuickPro Presets are specific to the input/output source and the application, and all the presets were tested by Yamaha in real-world environments, verified and retested by the company’s microphone partners. For the outputs, Yamaha created presets for its most popular loudspeakers, and partnered with Ultimate Ears to make presets for in-ear monitor systems. From the judges: “TF-RACK is going to be a huge product for many audio professionals who are ready to abandon their work surface, but who still want all the affordable, super features of the TF Series mixer line. Highly recommended.”

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