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Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport expands signage with Peerless-AV

Since 2006, the Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport has been in the process of updating and modernizing its facilities and terminals. With the expansion of the international terminal and the addition of new restaurants, shops, and a duty-free area, the airport was looking to further enhance its visual elements with the installation of various digital signage displays and videowalls throughout the terminal.

Montréal–Trudeau turned to visual communications experts Four Winds Interactive and integration team Cablage Expert to discuss logistics. Cablage Expert recommended Peerless-AV to provide the display and videowall mounts.

The team employed the use of Peerless- AV’s SmartMount full-service videowall mounts in both landscape (DS-VW765- LAND) and portrait (DS-VW765- POR) orientations. Offering a modular design, the mounts allowed the Cablage Expert team to create a variety of videowall display configurations. The Cablage Expert team also used the custom wallplate spacers to install the mounts. The spacers eliminated the need for measuring onsite, saving many hours and additional costs in installation time.

Using Peerless-AV’s DS-VW765-LAND mounts, Cablage Expert installed a 4×3 videowall comprised of 55in. landscape displays opposite the duty-free area of the international terminal. The 4×3 videowall showcases general information about the airport. Cablage Expert also used Peerless- AV’s DS-VW765-POR mounts for an 11×2 videowall, a 2×2 videowall, and a tripod digital signage display.

Located in the general admission area of the Montréal–Trudeau, the 11×2 videowall of 55in. displays provides travelers with information on arriving and departing flights as well as details on delays at the security checkpoint at customs. The 2×2 videowall, which is also located in the general admission area, near the food court, shares a map of the airport. The 75in. tripod of displays offers travelers an interactive wayfinding tool.

With the success of the project, the Montréal–Trudeau plans to use the digital signage for advertising. They are also considering the installation of additional videowalls and tripods.

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