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Introducing d&b audiotechnik’s J-Series

Introducing d&b audiotechnik’s J-Series

Feb 21, 2006 3:28 PM

d&b audiotechnik’s J-SUB

The latest ground-breaking product series from Germany’s d&b audiotechnik definitely lines up to go the distance. The J-Series design has grown out of an extensive research program that kept a clear view of applications, while carefully examining the performance requirements and specifications of large sound reinforcement systems. This enterprise began with a commitment to significantly extend the application boundaries of d&b audiotechnik’s loudspeakers beyond the distances covered by the Q-Series and also to further augment this success. The high output of the J-Series reaches into large-scale sound reinforcement applications, providing incredibly quick and easily configurable array solutions that draw on the long established d&b holistic approach of integrating loudspeakers, flying hardware, amplification, remote control, configuration design tools, and transport solutions.

The J-Series consists of the J8 and J12 full range loudspeakers and the J-SUB cardioid subwoofer, which are acoustically matched and constructed to be mechanically compatible both in flown or ground-stacked arrays. Using the same driver complement, vertical directivity, size, weight, and rigging fittings, the three-way J8 and J12 loudspeakers utilize an active crossover between the low and mid frequencies and a passive crossover between the mid and high frequencies. Both the J8 and J12 loudspeakers produce a flat vertical wave front and a symmetrical horizontal constant directivity dispersion pattern of 80 degrees and 120 degrees, respectively; this is maintained down to 250Hz. The extremely high-output capability of the J8 can cover a distance range of more than 100 meters (330ft.), while the J12’s wider horizontal coverage is useful for short- and medium-throw applications, up to 40 meters (130ft.). The J-SUB is a bass-reflex design using three 18in. high-excursion drivers, one of which radiates to the rear to produce cardioid or hypercardioid subwoofer performance both in flown and ground-stacked configurations. The J8, J12, and J-SUB produce maximum sound pressure levels at 1 meter of 145dB, 143dB, and 138dB, respectively.

All the components required to suspend the loudspeakers within the custom three-point BGV C1 compliant J-Series flying system are integrated into the cabinets to ensure speedy deployment. The d&b ArrayCalc program uses a sophisticated mathematical model to predict the physical and acoustical performance of arrays, enabling simple and accurate system planning. When the appropriate two-way active configurations are selected, a d&b D12 amplifier can power a maximum of two J8 or J12, or one J-SUB. This amplifier is specially designed and manufactured by d&b utilizing digital signal processing and incorporates configurations for the d&b loudspeaker range. Extensive remote control facilities are included as are user definable four-band parametric equalization and delay capabilities to reduce the need for external processing units.

“Control of dispersion behavior is an obsession for all of us at d&b, as is keeping the size and weight of systems to an absolute minimum; these are both areas in which the J-Series excels,” comments d&b’s Werner ‘Vier’ Bayer. “It has been an incredibly exciting and rewarding period since we started our field tests and now we are in full production this seems like an age ago. The J-Series is absolutely amazing; during the test phase we got fantastic comments wherever we showed up. Not only that: With all the accessories and logistical considerations that have been incorporated, we are confident we have not only fulfilled, but exceeded our original exacting specifications. Without any doubt, this is one of the best-sounding systems we have ever built, and perhaps one of the best in the market.”

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