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JVC Professional Video SR-HD2700 Blu-ray Player/Hard Disc Drive

Records a live HDMI signal without HDCP encryption

The SR-HD2700 by JVC Professional Video is a professional Blu-ray/hard disc drive combo deck with the ability to record a live HDMI signal from a video camera or DSLR without HDCP encryption. Also new for the SR-HD2700 is the ability to record to the upgraded 1TB internal hard drive and an optical disc simultaneously, which provides redundancy and eliminates the need to copy video files to another disc after recording. Designed to provide easy duplication and disc authoring of Blu-ray or DVD discs without a PC, the SR-HD2700 adds four recording formats for expanded compatibility with Blu-ray and DVD playback. A simple, menu-driven interface allows users to transfer video files to the internal hard drive, then assemble files into a completed project, and output to disc. New upgrades include continuous long-time recording and the ability to upload MOV and MXF files from a PC. The SR-HD2700 replaces JVC’s SR-HD2500 deck.

Shipping: Now

Pricing: $3,995 MSRP

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