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Leyard Planar VM Series

This summer, the company expanded this line of minimal-bezel LCD video wall displays with two new 55-inch models: Planar VM55MX-M and Planar VM55LX-M. These models set the industry standard for the smallest bezel with a 0.88mm tiled bezel width. Both models feature native Full HD resolution and the Planar VM55MXM offers 700-nit brightness to support high ambient light environments. The Planar VM55LX-M model delivers 500-nit brightness, ideal for slightly dimmer viewing environments. The VM range also includes two new 49-inch models. The VM49MX-X offers 700-nit brightness and a tiled bezel width of 1.8 millimeters. The Planar VM49LX-U offers 500-nit brightness and a 3.5-millimeter tiled bezel width. Three additional 55-inch models will join the lineup offering 1.8mm options at 700 and 500 nits, and a 3.5mm option at 500 nits. The all-in-one design of the VM series is pitched at 24/7 operation and high ambient light environments.

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