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Leyard Reality Solutions

From broadcast sets to simulation environments to the latest collaborative virtual reality experiences, the Leyard Reality Solutions provides a full solution for experiences of stunning realism. Utilizing the latest LED video wall and floor technologies with motion capture sensors and cutting-edge software, Leyard Reality Solutions creates immersive environments for real-time exploration of 3D models in the physical space. This dynamic solution brings content to life for a wide range of applications including studios, visualization of volumetric data for analysis, or exploring virtual worlds for collaborative game play. The highly-customized system starts with your choice of Leyard LED video wall and flooring, an OptiTrack precision motion capture system, a tracking rocker camera and corresponding service and support to assemble the hardware configuration. This set-up is accompanied by a suite of software and services for 3D simulation, spatial positioning and tracking, multi-channel 3D suture system and PBR real-time rendering. Custom 3D model and content development is also available upon request. 

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