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LG’s 55VH7B series features a nearly borderless design, with a bezel only 0.9mm thin, and can connect seamlessly with other displays to create a powerful and impactful image for an immersive experience to capture any viewer’s attention. The videowall series features a highperformance system-on-a-chip (SoC) which works with LG’s webOS for signage platform to lower the cost of ownership by eliminating the need for an external player. Each display features LG’s In Plane Switching (IPS) panel technology to ensure accurate color saturation and contrast, even at wide viewing angles, that results in an unparalleled picture quality. Each model is designed to be lightweight, weighing no more than 20lbs., which, combined with a slim depth of 87mm, allows for easier product installation and maintenance. The 55VH7B effectively raises customer awareness, particularly in areas with heavy foot traffic such as museums, galleries, and large retail stores.

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