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LG Electronics SE3B Series LCD Displays

Boasts a bezel width of just 11.9mm.

LG Electronics’ new SE3B series is available in five screen sizes ranging from 32in. to 65in. class (31.51in. to 64.53in. diagonally), and boasts a bezel width (at its thinnest point) of just 11.9mm. The new series features conformal circuit board coating—a clear, non-conductive coating that is applied to the circuit boards to help protect the internal circuits from harsh environmental factors such as dust, humidity, and grease. The new series offers the ability to control the signage monitors and distribute content through Wi-Fi by providing two USB ports, one for a USB dongle control and one for content distribution. USB capabilities allow customers to easily and seamlessly control content downloads without a complicated process. The series supports third-party device management through Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) standards, allowing businesses to receive notifications and control the monitors remotely. The series also includes upgraded features, including a detachable logo and cable management for a clean and flawless installation.

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