LG OLED Commercial Displays

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LG OLED Commercial Displays

When nothing compares to your business, nothing compares to


. Pencil-thin Dual-View Flat and Curved Tiling OLED displays swap or mirror content on either side. Customizable, arched OLED displays create immersive customer environments. LG OLED delivers perfect black, infinite contrast, and wide viewing angles for astonishing “wow” factor.



LG 55-Inch Dual-View Flat OLED Display

When nothing compares to your business, nothing compares to LG OLED. LG’s 55-inch Dual-View Flat OLED Display offers a pencil-thin, dual-sided full HD multimedia experience and the pinnacle of picture quality with perfect black, incredible color, and wide viewing angles. With the ...read more

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LG OLED Display

LG OLED DisplayAug 18, 2014 6:52 PMLG Display has unveiled a new 18in. flexible OLED and an 18in. transparent panel. Rollable to a radius of 3cm, the flexible panel has a high-definition- class resolution of 1200x810 with almost 1 million megapixels. It offers a curvature radius ...read more

LG Display LCD Panel

LG Display LCD PanelOct 21, 2013 10:15 AM LG Display has announced an LCD panel for monitors featuring Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) technology in collaboration with Intel Corporation. This 23.8in. LCD panel allows users to stream content wirelessly from their laptops and ...read more


RGB Spectrum Galileo Display Processor

RGB Spectrum’s Galileo Display Processor is an IPenabled, PC-based video wall processor with remote desktop capabilities. Additional benefits include IP inputs and the ability to run applications natively along with 24/7 reliability and real-time performance. Galileo’s powerful ...read more

LG Electronics 47WX50MF Outdoor Display

LG Electronics 47WX50MF Outdoor DisplayJul 26, 2012 2:59 PM LG Electronics is introducing a new outdoor display designed specifically for public spaces outdoors or with high ambient light, such as shopping malls, window displays, lobbies, outdoor transportation centers and ...read more


Whither OLED?

Whither OLED?As befits organic light emitting diode displays-technology that's long on promise but short on critical mass-last month was abuzz with OLED-related news bits that separately did little more than register as blips on the PRO AV radar, but collectively illustrated a ...read more