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Listen Technologies IR and RF Transmitters and Receivers

Listen Technologies’ has expanded its IR technology offerings with the new LT-84 ListenIR Transmitter-Radiator and LA-141 ListenIR Extended-Radiator, as well as the new iDSP IR Receiver. The LT-84 2-channel ListenIR Transmitter-Radiator provides complete, gapless coverage in a variety of venue sizes, with one unit covering an area up to 30,000 sq. ft. Simple to install (with the included mounting hardware and legislative compliance kit), it was designed to blend in with the design of any environment without disrupting a room’s design. Up to four LA-141 Extended-Radiators can be added to the LT-84 for additional coverage. And, when coupled with iDSP IR Receivers, the experience includes enhanced management and storage tools.   

The company also introduced iDSP RF 72MHz receivers (LR-4200-072 Intelligent DSP RF receiver and LR-5200-072 Advanced Intelligent DSP RF receiver). The iDSP IR receiver features an integrated neck loop/lanyard for end users; streamlined dispensing, collecting and care; and environmentally friendly advanced battery technology. The iDSP IR Receiver offers precise clarity with 20 dB less hiss than comparable products. The integrated neck loop/lanyard improves the experience for people who have hearing aids and cochlear implants with telecoils. Additionally, iDSP IR receivers use lithium-ion battery technology with battery management, eliminating the cost and hassle of traditional AA alkaline batteries.

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