Local BC Government Goes to Primacoustic’s Broadway

A new meeting space for use of committees and the public
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A new meeting space for use of committees and the public

Faced with the challenge of servicing several districts and rural areas, the Regional District of East Kootenay, British Columbia, decided to create a new meeting space for use of committees and the public.
The result of this initiative is the RDEK’s new boardroom, a 60'x90' space featuring 17ft. ceilings with a separate gallery area. Local company Rocky Mountain Media won the RFP bid for the AV installation. Owner John Siega was able to secure the contract because his proposal allowed for the integration of the existing audio equipment from the old boardroom.
“As an overview I installed a retractable main screen, ceiling mounted and vibration isolated projector, two 52in. TV monitors, a distributed sound system for the entire room,” says Siega. “The system was divided into two basic control zones (the main boardroom and a gallery area) with two sub zones for the main boardroom area using both ceiling and front loaded JBL speaker systems.
Another key was the integration of lighting and window blind controls all controlled from a Crestron DMPS 3000 controller and operated via a Crestron wireless touch pad.
Making use of existing equipment presented a particular challenge.
“The acoustic treatment of the room was key to allowing this to happen,” Siega explains.
His acoustic treatment plan included product from Primacoustic’s Broadway line of professional grade acoustic panels.  
“I was able to control the room echo to allow proper function of the room using outdated audio equipment while integrating the acoustic panel install into the lines of the room so it looks like it was part of the original design,” says Siega.



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