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Mackie Unveils New Headphones, Earphones

Woodinville, WA (October 4, 2018)—Mackie has introduced its new MC Series Professional Headphones and CR-Buds Series High-Performance Earphones.

Characterized by the company as “affordable solutions,” the MC Series is based around the MC-150 and MC-250, which both sport large, 50 mm transducers and closed-back designs tuned for studio monitoring, mixing, and personal listening. Both models have ultra-soft ear pads and headbands, detachable cables, and come with a carry bag.

The CR-Buds Series is available in two models—the CR-Buds and CR-Buds+. The CR-Buds model features a high-performance dynamic driver as well as an in-line mic with play/pause/answer button. The CR-Buds+ model features dual dynamic drivers to provide smooth response. In addition, the CR-Buds+ have a “pro in-ear monitor-inspired” over-ear design and a choice of foam and silicone tips. Both models have tangle-free cables and come with multiple ear tip sizes.

Both lines will ship in November, with the Mackie MC Series priced at $84.99 for the MC-150 and $119.99 for the MC-250. Meanwhile, the Mackie CR-Buds Series will run as $24.99 for the CR-Buds and $49.99 for the CR-Buds+.

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