MuxLab HDMI OVER IP H.264/H.265 PoE Extender

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MuxLab HDMI OVER IP H.264/H.265 PoE Extender

The HDMI over IP H.264/H.265 PoE Extender (500762) Receiver supports up to 4K at 60Hz (4:4:4) video streams and up-scales 1080p at 60Hz video up to 4K at 60Hz. The Transmitter supports up to 1080p at 60Hz. The 500762 extends local audio/video transmission up to 330ft over Cat-5e/6 and supports H.264/265 video codec, excellent for LAN, Wi-Fi, and internet transmission. The devices support USB 3.0 port for storing and playback of local content from an external USB drive (RX) and SPDIF (TosLink) Audio Out (RX), 2CH audio insert (TX), and 2CH audio extract (RX). Other features include RS232 and directional IR for remote control of end-devices, and PoE powered via PoE (PSE) Ethernet switch.




DigiBird ACVNet-H

ACVNet-H, DigiBird’s 4K video audio and control over IP product family, is a new solution for AV distribution that adopts gigabit Ethernet technology to switch, extend, and distribute audio, control, and lightweight compressed video signals at visually lossless levels in real more


Dante Over IP

NASCAR’s Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennesse, recently upgraded to Dante audio over IP networking by Audinate, making it one of the most extensive and complex live audio installations in the world. During major events, such as NASCAR, Monster Trucks, or a college football more


Thoughts On AV Over IP

VIDEO AND IP TRANSPORT—NEW DIRECTIONSIt has never been a trivial task to get video over IP networks. The need to move text data brought about IP networks. However, when voice was successfully and efficiently moved over these networks, engineers began to question whether video more