OAP Audio Products Unveils the Innovative NF-331HP “Stair Riser”

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OAP Audio Products Unveils the Innovative NF-331HP “Stair Riser”

Nov 17, 2005 8:00 AM

OAP Audio's NF-331HP “Stair Riser” slim-line loudspeaker system mounts into stair risers and stage fronts in any venue where “hideable” near-field coverage is necessary and a small, efficient full-range loudspeaker is required.

OAP Audio Products of Buford, Ga., has announced the newest addition to its Near Field series product lineup— the innovative NF-331HP “Stair Riser” slim-line loudspeaker system. The NF-331HP was designed to mount into stair risers and stage fronts in houses of worship, auditoriums, classrooms, or any venue where “hideable” near-field coverage is necessary and a small, efficient full-range loudspeaker is required.

The speaker system measures 14 11/32”x6 3/8”x3 1/2” (WxDxH), and has been specifically designed to fit between 16in. OC studs. The NF-331HP has the same performance characteristics as the OAP NF-241HP2 Stair Riser, but in terms of size, the NF-331HP is only 3.5in. tall—1.25in. less than the NF-241HP2. This makes it the ideal solution for tight or height-restricted situations.

It uses Fringe Field Maximization in the three LF drivers. These drivers have been optimized by incorporating a high-energy 1oz. Neodymium disc at the top and bottom of the circuit that redirects and focuses unproductive fringe magnetic fields back into the magnetic gap to produce maximum flux density.

The full-range loudspeaker system incorporates three 3in. low-frequency rubber surround cone speakers and a 90-degree horn coupled to a 1in. voice coil, high-frequency compression driver. The enclosure has a power handling rating of 100W peak program power, 95.4db sensitivity measured at 1W at 3ft., and a frequency response of 250Hz to 20kHz.

This 16Ω system comes complete with a decorative epoxy-coated black 16-gauge steel grille (which can be painted onsite to match the venue’s decorative requirements), and steel mounting brackets. Also available is an optional steel black-box housing (NF-331BB speaker receptacle box) for pre-building construction speaker placement requirements.

For more information regarding the OAP NF-331HP “Stair Riser” slim-line loudspeaker, visit www.oapaudio.com.




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