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Panasonic New Firmware Update for VariCam LT

Panasonic has announced a new firmware update for the VariCam LT that adds RAW signal output via two 3G-SDI terminals to an external RAW recorder at 4K or UHD 60p. RAW recording will be compatible with the Odyssey 7Q and 7Q+ monitor/ recorders from Convergent Design Inc. and the Atomos Inc. Shogun Inferno recording monitor. The recorded CinemaDNG file is compatible with DaVinci Resolve 12.5.1, Drastic Media Reactor 5.04 and upcoming versions of major NLEs and grading systems.

VariCam LT RAW is now wrapped into the CinemaDNG format. Details of this support follow:

• Black Magic Design DaVinci Resolve 12.5.1 now decodes VariCam LT RAW

• Drastic Technology Media Reactor 5.04 supports Adobe Premiere Pro, the Autodesk Flame family, and Avid Media Composer

• Assimilate Scratch Ver. 8.5 support of VariCam LT RAW will be available soon after IBC 2016

• Digital Vision NuCoda support of VariCam LT RAW will be available soon after IBC 2016

• Pomfort Silverstack 5.4 will have advanced camera support for VariCam LT RAW, including transcoding to ProRes for offline use

• Colorfront On-Set Dailies/Transkoder 2016 Update2 will support VariCam LT RAW in coming months.

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