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Peerless Industries Presents Pre-assembled Projector Mount Adapter Plate

Peerless Industries Presents Pre-assembled Projector Mount Adapter Plate

Nov 1, 2005 5:10 PM

Leading the charge towards saving professional and CEDIA installers valuable time and increasing profits, Peerless Industries announced the availability of its redesigned, fully pre-assembled SpiderUniversal Adapter Plate. The new Peerless adapter plate will ship with the company’s popular PRS (PRS-UNV) and PJF2 (PJF2-UNV) Projector Ceiling Mounts.

According to Justin Sabetti, associate product manager for Peerless Industries, “For installers, it’s all about ease of installation and driving down costs—the goal is to make each projector installation as efficient as possible. The redesigned Spider Universal adapter plate is ready to use right out of the box. Installers simply place the pre-assembled universal plate up on the projector, make a few adjustments with the included hand tool, and they’re done!”

The Spider Adapter Plate is ideal for a wide range of commercial, residential, and educational applications. Its slotted legs are pre-attached for quick, easy adjustment and added mobility. The adapter plate legs even have adjustable feet, eliminating the need to dig through a hardware pack to find the right spacers to manually set the leg length. Plus, the adapter plate features an appealing design that enhances the look of both the mount and the projector and further expands its potential uses.

The redesigned Spider Universal Adapter Plate is available with the PRS (PRS-UNV) and PJF2 (PJF2-UNV) Ceiling Projector Mount at list prices of $209 and $189, respectively. For more information about Peerless Industries’ wide range of mounting solutions, please call (800) 865-2112 or go to

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