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Platinum Tools Patch Panels

A family of 12-port Cat-5/Cat-6 non-shielded and shielded panels

The new Patch Panels family from Platinum Tools includes: 650-12C5, a 12-port Cat-5e non-shielded Patch Panel; 660-12C6, a 12-port Cat-6 non-shielded Patch Panel; 667-12C6S, a 12-port Cat-6 shielded Patch Panel; 651-24C5, a 24-port Cat-5e non-shielded Patch Panel; 661-24C6, a 24-port Cat-6 non-shielded Patch Panel; 668-24C6S, a 24-port Cat-6 shielded Patch Panel; and the 675-24C6AS, a 24-port Cat-6A shielded Patch Panel. Specifications for the family include 110/Krone punch down tool compatible, meeting ANSI/EIA/TIA 568C.2 standard, color-coded label for easy wiring (T568 A & B), wire gauge range of 22 thru 26 AWG, solid or stranded wire, and gold-plated RJ-45 port contacts. 

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