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PreSonus Launches StudioLive ARc Series

The new line of PreSonus StudioLive ARc Series consoles includes three models ranging from $499 to $699.

New York, NY (January 6, 2020)—PreSonus has launched the StudioLive ARc series, a line of three models that combine a multi-channel 24-bit, 96 kHz, USB-C compatible, USB 2.0 audio interface with an analog mixer front-end and the company’s XMAX Class A mic preamps.

The StudioLive AR8c offers four mic preamps and six balanced line inputs for 8×4 recording/playback, while the StudioLive AR12c sports eight mic preamps and 12 balanced line inputs for 14×4 recording/playback, and the StudioLive AR16c provides 12 mic preamps and 16 balanced line inputs for 18×4 recording/playback.

All PreSonus StudioLive ARc models support recording every channel plus the main mix over USB and feature a three-band analog EQ on every channel; mic/line boost for low-level vintage synths, broadcast microphones and consumer electronics; and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

The onboard stereo SD recorder is intended for uses like recording a rehearsal, a mobile podcast interview or basic songwriting ideas. An all-new digital effects processor with 16 presets supplies reverbs, delays and chorusing, including a dedicated send and return and bypass footswitch jack.

The various PreSonus StudioLive ARc series mixers have the company’s Super Channel, which can handle four stereo analogue and digital sources at once. The Super Channel also combines wireless stereo Bluetooth 5.0 input, stereo input from the onboard SD recorder or from a USB-connected Mac or Windows PC, and RCA and 1/8-inch stereo inputs.

Each model comes with two professional recording applications, Capture and Studio One Artist.

All three models are available now; the StudioLive AR8c runs $499.95, the StudioLive AR12c is $599.95 and the StudioLive AR16c is $699.95.

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