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For large installations or for IT customers wishing to deploy audio, video, and control solutions as a building-wide service throughout the enterprise, QSC has partnered with Dell to bring an integration combining the processing capabilities of the Q-SYS realtime operating system with the world-class Dell R730 server platform, resulting in the only IT-grade AV&C solution available today. Q-SYS Core 5200 processor is the first professional AV&C solution available that combines commercial off-the-shelf server technology with the scalability of a purpose built AV&C real-time operating system, thereby offering scalability and IT integration capabilities unmatched by any other audio, video or control solution. Take advantage of corporate infrastructure and place your Q-SYS Cores alongside other building-wide IT services such as VoIP, UC&C, security and access control servers. It is fully compatible with all existing and future Q-SYS peripheral devices. Also leverage a wide variety of networking solutions to integrate with a broad range of networked peripherals from third-party manufacturers.

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