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Renkus-Heinz RHAON II

Renkus-Heinz’ next-gen RHAON II for Iconyx Gen5 has been completely redesigned using highly structured modular code for what the company describes as greater stability and expandability. New features support more intuitive setup, with a device-centric UI, streamlined workflow, and more than 200 percent faster operation, according to Renkus-Heinz. RHAON II currently supports AVDECC IEEE 722.1 and CobraNet, and is structured to allow easy implementation of future protocols. Support for multiple NICs, and wireless operation (where supported) make RHAON II easy to integrate into existing network infrastructure. Using Renkus’ advanced beam steering algorithms and UniBeam Technology, RHAON II is fully integrated with Iconyx and IC Live Gen5 technologies (including legacy products) with the goal of more uniform coverage, increased output, and faster setup and deployment.

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