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Revolab FLX UC 1500

Revolab’s FLX UC 1500 the flexible conferencing solution allows any user, on any telephony application, within any meeting space, to collaborate with other members. The company positions it as the first UC solution to combine seamless conferencing bridging with unrivaled audio quality. The all-in-one solution connects to both VoIP networks and computers, resulting in audio conferencing support for telephony networks, PC-based softphone applications, webinars, or other daily conferencing requirements. For organizations, these capabilities create enormous efficiencies by eliminating the need for a separate conference phone for IP PBX communication solutions, USB- and VoIP PC-based software applications, thus removing the need to install varying types of products across several rooms. It is designed to function in all major telephony environments — whether in-house or in the cloud with any PC, Mac, or Chromebook for use with communication applications such as Skype, Microsoft Lync, Vidyo, WebEx, and more. Two speaker elements, a tweeter and mid-woofer, combined with echo cancellation, ultra-wideband audio, GSM noise resistance and other audio-critical features support traditional audio quality and intelligibility values; the FLX UC 1500 is also engineered to improve audio pickup within large areas by providing the option to easily add extension microphones.

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