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Severtson Screens’ SēVision 3D GX Electric Projection Screen

Now available up to 8.33 meters (27.3ft.) wide

Severtson ScreensSēVision 3D GX giant electric motorized cinema projection screen line is now available up to 8.33 meters (27.3ft.) wide, with the ability to produce screens up to 12 meters (39.4ft.) wide under development for release later in 2015. The giant electric motorized projection screens are available in all offered gain levels as well as in non-perf, cinema (standard) perf, and microperf, so the soundstage can be placed behind the screen similar to premier movie theaters. Additional specifications of the line include: coated surface that is harder to bruise and scuff; small micron flake coating produces a sharper image, eliminating graininess in bright scenes; viewing angles range from 30- to 40-degree half-gain, depending on the specific screen gain requested; and water-based coating that promotes longevity by maintaining optical properties over time, eliminating flaking and cracking of the screen surface, and allowing the screen to remain perfect for frequent rolling up/down.

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