Severtson Screens SAT-4K

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Severtson Screens SAT-4K

Severtson Screens’ next generation SAT-4K Acoustically-Transparent cinema projection screen line is now available. Made in the U.S., the SAT-4K’s acoustic abilities are not hampered by the screens finer weave, and the company can now also seam SAT-4K for larger cinema screens to virtually limitless sizes. Like perforated screens, the sound stage can be placed directly behind the screen at the same horizontal axis, allowing for outstanding sync to visuals. Due to almost no audio frequency loss, the SAT-4K screen allows for an immersive viewing experience. The company’s folded shipping method allows for no loss in the screen’s structural nor visible integrity, and makes international distribution of the SAT-4K cinema screen line affordable, reducing international shipping costs by up to 70 percent. Currently available to nearly limitless sizes in both height and length, the SAT-4K cinema screen meets or exceeds all industry standards for optimum video and acoustic performance, with reference quality reproduction of the digital image combined with true fidelity of the original soundtrack.



Severtson Screens digi-perf

New digi-perf options are now available for the Severtson Screens folded SēVision 3D GX line of cinema projection screens. Digi-perf screens utilize 7.5 percent open space, are available with all coating and gains, are foldable as with all Severtson cinema screens (excluding more



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