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Tech Roundup: Matrix Switchers and Routers 2019

AV matrix switchers and routers include hard iron and AV over IP

High-resolution video, surround sound and bigger displays get the attention. But back in the rack the routing system is the heart of the operation; without the matrix switcher and router, the most beautiful video and sound go nowhere. Today’s switching and routing systems provide so many options for format and feature versatility, while integrating in more ways with IT and gaining more user-friendly UIs. In this survey we have a look at the latest in getting signals quickly and cleanly to their desired destinations.

1. AJA Video Systems KUMO 6464-12G  SDI AV router puts the maximum I/O capability in the minimum 4RU space with support for large format resolutions, high frame rate (HFR) and deep color formats. Transporting 4K/UltraHD over a single SDI link with the same physical appearance as AJA’s KUMO 6464, it includes a USB port for configuring IP addresses via AJA’s free eMini-Setup software.

a-neuvideo matrix switcher

2. A-Neuvideo ANI-1082UHD, a versatile combination unit, is a v10x10 HDMI and HDBaseT 4K matrix switcher with independent multi-channel digital/stereo analog audio matrix switching. Using control by IR, RS-232, Telnet or WebGUI, the unit can send up to ten HD sources to any of the 8 destinations via a single CAT5e/6/7 cable. The unit’s twin HDMI outputs convey 6G UltraHD HDMI sources from any HDMI inputs or they can mirror any of the HDBaseT outputs for local monitoring. There is also LAN support and there are additional audio outputs.

3. Altinex Digital MultiTasker is a flexible and proven unit that can be composed of up to 20 customizing I/O cards. These include the MT312-104 Control Card, the MT305-804 8×4 HDMI Matrix Switcher, MT315-101 HDMI Over Anywire Transmit Card, the MT315-102 HDMI Over Anywire Receive Card, the MT317-101 HDMI Over Fiber Optic Transmit Card, the MT317-102 HDMI Over Fiber Optic Receive Card, and the MT310-104 16×16 Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher. The whole frame unit is 4RU and it has two Ethernet control ports.

AMX matrix switcher4. AMX Pro1-0808 Precis 8×8 matrix switcher can handle 8 HDMI sources and these can be routed to 8 HDMI outputs as well as mirrored HDBaseT connections on 4 of the outputs. The switcher supports 4K60 4:4:4 and HDCP 2.2 and adds dynamic audio de-embedding. It is also NetLinx native so it can be integrated with AMX automation and control systems while using only a single rack unit of space.

5. Analog Way Aquilon RS1 was designed as a 4K/8K multi-screen presentation system and videowall processor. It features 16 inputs and 8 outputs, real-time 10/12-bit 4:4:4 video processing power and low latency 4K60p on each input and output. Connector status LEDs are available for any troubleshooting. All output connector cards can be field-replaced to accommodate a variety of connectivity arrangements. There are also two dedicated HDMI 2.0 multiviewer outputs including customizable layouts with 50 memories.

atlona matrix switcher6. Atlona AT-OME-PS62 , a 6×2 AV matrix switcher with HDBaseT, HDMI, and USB-C inputs, can send embedded audio, control, Ethernet, and USB over distances up to 330ft. The unit is HDCP 2.2 compliant with 4K/60 4:4:4 upscaling and downscaling for the HDMI output and it features integral USB extension. For presentation it includes 4K/UHD scaling, auto-switching, integrated display control, microphone input with mixing and ducking.

7. Aurora Multimedia DXM-1616-G4 is useful for heavy duty routing tasks, a 4K60 4:4:4 modular matrix switcher operating in a card based chassis/frame. The unit can be customized and configured with any combination of hot-swappable I/O cards and include HDMI, HDBaseT, and SDI interfaces. Control is facilitated on the integrated 5in. touch screen, Web Server, RS-232, and LAN port.

blackbox matrix switcher8. Black Box AVS-3200-R2 modular matrix switcher has 24 card slots for flexible input/output combination cards and 8 slots for dedicated output signal cards. Among these configurations it is compatible with HDMI, HDBaseT and VGA formats. Once inserted, each card is automatically recognized and the whole system can be controlled through front panel buttons, IR, RS-232 and TCP/IP. It also features adjustable output resolution and a USB port for firmware upgrades.

9. Blackmagic Design Videohub Master Control Pro enables convenient router control. Among other features it allows spin knob scrolling of all router sources and destinations. The panel includes a built-in LCD with customizable graphic labels for access to as many as 288×288 Videohub routers. Crosspoints may be scrolled through using the large control knob on the front in addition to the direct entry buttons.

10. Crestron HD-RX-4K-510-C-E multiformat switch and receiver is compatible with all DM Lite transmitters with its three DM Lite inputs. The unit also features two HDMI inputs. Switching parameters are configurable using the web interface or programmable using a Crestron control system while inputs are also selectable using the front panel buttons. Its single HDMI output includes a built-in scaler.

11. DVIGear DVI-3580a is  a high-performance 4K multiviewer, presentation switcher and scaler and it can operate with a range of resolutions and signal formats. This model can provide up to 7 video inputs including HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort and RGB/YPbPr Analog (VGA). Among the control options are LAN (built-in Web GUI or Telnet), RS-232, IR remote control, and front panel selections.

extron matrix switcher12. Extron DTP CrossPoint 82 4K is a very versatile unit that includes an 8×2 4K matrix switcher, scaler, audio DSP with AEC, audio power amplifier and control processor. Providing two DTP inputs and six HDMI inputs, the device also has two independently scaled DTP outputs. These can send video, control, and audio up to 330ft. over a shielded CATx cable. In addition to the front panel selection buttons there are two local sound level control knobs.

FSR matrix switcher13. FSR Pathfinder PFD 32×32  is at the top of the line of the Pathfinder matrix switcher family and its optional cable length equalization feature can adjust for signal loss both at the input and output. This control can be set up from the unit’s front panel or via RS-232 commands. Available in sizes ranging from 8×4 to 32×32, the Pathfinder switchers can be ordered for formats including composite, S-Video, HD component and RGBHV.

14. Gefen EXT-4K600A-MF-51-HBTLS 5×1 presentation switcher to pack a wide assortment of features into a very compact space. Inputs include three 4K 600MHz HDMI, one DisplayPort 1.2, one VGA, five independently assignable stereo analog audio and one balanced/unbalanced microphone/line input featuring switchable 48V phantom power and ducking. Its five inputs can be switched automatically or manually. The split HDMI and HDBaseT outputs use a scaler and they feed a local and remote display simultaneously.

15. Hall Research SSW-HD-4 four input seamless video switch  has a multi-view feature where all inputs can be simultaneously shown in various window configurations and it is available with several pre-configured multi-view layout modes. It supports HDTV resolutions including 1080p. The SSW-HD-4 can be controlled with the front panel buttons, IR remote control, RS-232, or with the free PC GUI that controls the device via RS-232.

16. IDK MSD-701AMP includes a scan converter and audio amplifier in addition to its routing capabilities. The switcher features seven digital and three analog video inputs. The analog audio inputs can be adjusted in level and the signals are output to digital audio, analog audio, and speaker. Menus may be operated remotely for control on RS-232C and LAN ports. External devices may also be controlled via RS-232C, LAN, CEC, or contact closure.

IHSE matrix switcher17. IHSE Draco Compact XV 16×8 Fiber Matrix system is offered as a Dual Head 4K KVM matrix switcher for up to 16 Dual Head 4K computers and eight Dual Head 4K monitors at resolutions up to 4096×2160 60fps, and 4:4:4 color sampling on each display. The matrix is set up and configured using the on-screen display or through the included Draco tera Tool software that provides real time diagnostics.

18. KanexPro Quad Multiview 4X1 KVM Switch (SW-HDSC4X1KVM) is a KVM processor that can monitor and control up to 4 host devices from a single keyboard/mouse pair. Capable of tiling four 1080p hosts onto a single 4K display, the system supports cascading up to five units to control a maximum of 16 host devices. Control options include IR remote, front panel buttons, RS-232/TELNET and Web UI.

19. Kramer Electronics VP-558 has an integral scaler and it can send HDBaseT signals up to 230ft. Features include a 4×1 USB switcher, a front panel LCD for status display, selectable microphone talkover or mix modes, audio input and output level adjustments, built-in ProcAmp and power amp along with control on RS-232 and Ethernet.

liberty av matrix switcher20. Liberty AV Solutions Digitalinx DL-44E-H2-KIT is a 4K60 4:4:4 / HDR 18G 70M HDMI/HDBaseT matrix switcher kit with IR pass-through, analog/digital audio de-embed with down mixing, and PoC power. The kit includes three compatible HDBaseT receivers and accessories. The unit has four HDMI inputs, three HDBaseT outputs and one HDMI output from which digital or analog audio can be de-embedded. This model also supports EDID management.

lightware matrix switcher21. Lightware Visual Engineering MX2-24×24-DH-12DPi-A-R was developed as part of their MX2 DH standalone matrix switcher series. These support 4K UHD resolution at 60Hz with RGB 4:4:4 colorspace and with down-conversion capabilities to 4:2:2. In addition to the HDMI inputs there are also DisplayPort connections to eliminate the need for adapters. Redundant power supplies are available and there is HDR and Dolby Vision support. Among the features are Lightware’s Pixel Accurate Reclocking and Advanced EDID Management and these can be controlled via the built-in website.

22. Marshall Electronics VSW-2200 four-input Seamless 3G/HDSDI Switcher with Quadview can fit anywhere to support conferences, classrooms and live-streamed events making it useful for light duty applications in tight spaces. All four inputs can be monitored on a single quad-view display and up to four still images can be stored for full screen viewing. The embedded processor converts signals from the input source formats to match the native resolution of all video signal destination devices.

23. Opticis OHM-44UHD 4K ultra-low latency HDMI 2.0 matrix router provides resolutions up to [email protected] (RGB & YCbCr : 4:4:4) while supporting HDR (High Dynamic Range) and pass-through support of digital audio formats for lossless sound. The four HDMI inputs and outputs support full matrix switching under control from front panel buttons, RS-232, telnet, Web GUI and IR remote. The WebGUI interface allows store and recall of up to four routing presets. There is built in EDID management including upload of custom EDID files.

24. Pesa Cheetah 1152XR high-definition digital video routing switcher is customizable through using Pesa’s easySFP modules to work with a wide range of broadcast video formats. Into the basic 41RU frame are inserted 288×288 matrix cards to build a switching matrix up to 1152×1152. The router can be optionally equipped with redundant power and control. The card combinations allow support for fiber, coax, both fiber and coax, or embedder/de-embedder operation.

25. PureLink PS-820S 8×2 seamless presentation switcher enables input options including HDMI, HDBaseT, DisplayPort, and USB-C. It also offers balanced audio embedding and audio mixing via S/PDIF and relay control of external devices. Its eight inputs can be configured in any combination of these formats. There is also EDID management on individual inputs and CEC control. The unit provides auto-switching on HDMI and HDBaseT outputs.

26. Rose Electronics UltraMatrix AV Pro router line features the 144×144 modular matrix switch. The compact rack unit can operate with hot-swappable 4-port I/O cards, available in HDMI, HDBaseT, 3G-SDI, DVI, VGA, audio and fiber optic. Any of the inputs, in any format, can be switched to any format output. There is Smart EDID management and control is accomplished through front panel, IR, Ethernet, TCP/IP and RS-232.

27. SnapAV Binary 120 Series offers versatility in a space saving package with up to 8 input/8 output capability. Using the Binary setup software the unit can be configured to use direct connection with cables or with extenders for longer range. Controlled through Ethernet, bi-directional RS-232 or a powered IR input, the Binary Series switchers provide EDID management along with ESD and surge protection.

The TechLogix Networx TL-SM-HDVDP Share-Me presentation system can switch four local and remote sources to two independent local and remote outputs using HDMI for local and twisted pair for the remote connections up to 330ft. away. Using a bare minimum of space, the unit combines the functions of a switcher, extender, scaler and controller. Switching can be automatic or manual using contact closure, front panel buttons or software.

tekvox matrix switcher28.Tekvox HDBase-T 4×4 HDMI Matrix Switcher Kit consists of the 79055-H 4×4 Matrix Switcher, four HDBase-T Lite PoH-compatible receivers and four 75ft. premium, plenum-rated HDBase-T cables. Each of its four HDMI outputs is mirrored to provide a simultaneous CAT-Cable output and this is all controlled through IR remote control, RS-232, TCP/IP or by using the front panel selection buttons. The unit supports resolutions up to [email protected]

29. tvONE CORIOmatrix C3-340 matrix router was designed to handle, through its 16 card slots, a huge variety of input formats including HDMI, DVI-I, Universal DVI (DVI-U), 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, VGA-HD15, composite, component and RGB-BNC. Through Ethernet, RS-232 and Web GUI control, these signals can be routed to an equally versatile array of output ports. There is integral audio routing and audio de-embed/embed for SDI and DVI/HDMI. Among its options are redundant, hot-swappable power supplies.

30.Utah Scientific UHD-12G is an enterprise-class router that can receive, transmit and switch the whole range of SDI signals over a single link interconnect. Handling data rates from SD up to 2160p60 on standard coax cable, the UHD-12G is fully compliant with SMPTE SDI video standards. Models are available in 1RU with 32×32, 4RU with 144×144 and 10RU with 288×288.

wyrestorm matrix switcher31. WyreStorm MX-1010-H2XC 10-slot 18Gbps 4K HDR Matrix Switcher chassis is built to the custom ordered specification using a variety of TX-H2X transmission cards. The model can pass the full bandwidth required for HDMI 2.0 over long distances on HDBaseT while its integrated digital audio matrix is handling up to 30 multichannel sources. Among its additional features is an integral diagnostic to monitor system and transmission performance.

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