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Routers and Switchers 2023

Different formats, distance limitations, and interface incompatibility can present a challenge for reliably getting A/V and control signals around a facility but many companies have responded with tools to accomplish that with pushbutton ease. The key is in matching the hardware to the plant and future proofing the solution. The products here demonstrate a range of answers custom crafted to get the job done in any environment.

At the top end with large facilities using SDI video, the AJA Video Systems KUMO 6464-12G supports ganged dual and quad port routing control and large format video resolutions. These units can be operated through network based and local control and they include a USB port for configuring IP addresses via AJA’s free eMini-Setup software. Sixty-four 12G-SDI inputs and outputs are provided along with an embedded web server. Among available options is a redundant power supply.

One of the most proven and real-world tested routing systems is housed in the Altinex MT302-121 12-slot enclosure for digital MultiTasker cards. In addition to the twin Ethernet ports there is a front panel LCD screen that displays information on the internal I/O cards. These are controlled through a simple ASCII based command set. For larger plants, there is the MT302-201 with twenty card slots that can be selected for multiple video formats, matrix switching and power control.

The AMX Enova DVX-3266-4K 8×4+2 all-in-one presentation switcher unifies sound, video and control supporting 4K60 4:4:4 video, HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, and HDR. Sound output is handled by a 120W Crown DriveCore amplifier that features dbx feedback suppression. Controlled via HTML5 web interface, the system adds Dante to conventional audio I/O and its DXLink inputs and outputs work seamlessly with other AMX gear as well as standard HDBaseT devices. 

For multi-screen, multi-layer presentation, the Analog Way Zenith 200 4K60 presentation switcher and videowall processor can tackle the job in a heavy-duty housing. The device offers 16 inputs and six outputs all under the control of a user-friendly HTML5-based user interface. This enables complex yet reliable presentations including those with up to 8 layers and live streaming. There are also 200 user definable screen memories, 50 master memories and advanced audio processing.

Supporting the transmission of video at resolution up to 4K/60Hz YUV 4:2:0 and multi-channel high-resolution digital audio, the A-Neuvideo ANI-16-4K60-S 16×16 HDMI matrix has an OLED screen on the front panel. This model is HDCP 2.0b, HDCP 2.2/HDCP 1.4, and DVI 1.0 compliant providing 10.2Gbps video bandwidth. Pass-through audio up to LPCM 7.1CH, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and DTS HD Master Audio is supported while control is done through front panel buttons, IR remote, RS-232, LAN and Web GUI.

Offering audio breakout, four presets, and support for resolution up to UHD/60Hz (4:4:4), the Apantac HDM2.0-8×8-UHD-A packs full-featured matrix switcher functionality into a single rack space. The front layout includes an LCD status display and a button arrangement that assures quick and easy operation. Analog sound outputs are available on mini TRS jacks and optical ports. In addition to the front panel buttons, control can be done via LAN, IR, and RS-232. 

The Atlona AT-OPUS-68M can accommodate just about any format that the presenter needs including HDBaseT, HDMI, and USB-C inputs. This 6×2 matrix presentation switcher has HDBaseT and HDMI outputs with selectable AV switching modes as well as USB 2.0 interfacing and extension up to 330 feet. Video can be 4K/UHD downscaled and upscaled for HDMI output and there is integrated USB extension to get inputs from across the room.

Many smaller meeting rooms, churches, and conference facilities like to have a compact matrix switcher and scaler with the features of a larger model. That is the new Aurora Multimedia DIDO X4. It teams quad scaling with edge blending, one-degree image rotation, and chromakey. To all this it adds a built-in USB 3.1 capture output. Secure control is done on the 1G Ethernet port while the RS-232 & IR ports allow for local device control of displays and other equipment.

Whether the need is to bring disparate video signal resolutions together to a common output or to have a dual display presentation, the Black Box AVSC-HDMI2-8X2 matrix switcher has the solution. This includes resolution upscaling and downscaling capability with automatic switching as well as a mirrored CATx output. Its twisted pair I/O ports support 24V PoC. Inputs include one CATx extension, four HDMI, one VGA, one DP input, and one USB-C input. There are also external audio inputs for embedding.

In the dynamic area of production switchers, the Blackmagic Design ATEM Constellation HD line offers three models including a 10-input 1 M/E, a 2 M/E with 20 inputs and a 40-input 4 M/E unit. The compact rack design houses SDI inputs with full standard conversion and there are DVE, chroma-keyers, media players, multiviewers, and SuperSource processors. Each input also has an integral audio mixer with compressor, limiter, 6 band parametric EQ and expander. Included is the ATEM Software Control.

Housed in a 4RU rack frame, the versatile Blustream Custom Pro PRO16HBT100CS has a 16 I/O matrix, audio breakout, and 2-way IR control. The flexible system includes HDBaseT CSC output boards for independent automatic downscaling, 16 analogue L/R audio inputs for embedding onto HDMI/HDBaseT zone outputs, 16 IR inputs for distribution of IR to compatible Blustream HDBaseT receivers, and a web GUI for control and configuration. The unit can also be controlled through front panel, RS-232, and TCP/IP. 

The Crestron DM-MD32X32-CPU3 DigitalMedia matrix switcher is based on the 3-Series platform and handles SD, HD, UHD, 2K, 4K/60 4:4:4 HDR, and computer signals with advanced HDCP support. It also features EDID resolution management, CEC signal management, and USB signal routing. Equipped with an integral Ethernet switch, the switcher works simultaneously with 7.1 and stereo sound, H.264 streaming and a wide variety of I/O signal formats.

Clients can put on a great show with the DVIGear DVI-3580a high-performance 4K multiviewer, presentation switcher/scaler and send the content anywhere with its user-selectable output resolutions ranging up to 3840×2160/30p. The seven video inputs include four HDMI (or DVI), two DisplayPort and one VGA. Arranged in up to seven layouts, the outputs simultaneously display up to four video signals with resolutions up to 4K. There is also advanced audio routing and embedding. Control options include RS-232, IR, front panel, and an internal web GUI.  

Designed to suit a wide range of mission sizes, the Extron FOX3 Matrix 840x works with 4K/60 video, audio, USB, control, and 3D Sync over fiber optic cable. This matrix switcher can be used in configurations from 8×8 to 840×840 based on its integrated IPCP Pro Q xi control processor. Built for security, the system is compatible with Extron IPCP Pro control processors and TouchLink Pro touch panels. There are Dante, DMP Expansion, and analog audio I/O ports for embedded audio along with redundant hot-swappable power supplies and real-time system monitoring.

For lighter loads such as high-end home theater and small conference applications, the FSR DV-HMSW4K-44 4×4 matrix switcher makes it easy to integrate HDMI video devices such as DVD and media players, A/V receivers, and gaming consoles. Supporting video up to 4K/60Hz YUV 4:4:4 HDR, the unit has 4K to 1080p auto down-scaling to suit different displays. It can be desktop or wall mounted and controlled via manual push buttons, IR remote, RS-232, IP Control and Web GUI. 

The Gefen EXT-UHD600A-44 4K Ultra HD 600MHz 4×4 matrix for HDMI can route up to four 4K sources to as many as four 4K displays or video zones. Supporting 18.2Gbps of bandwidth and 600MHz TMDS clock frequency, this model is housed in a 1RU rack-mountable enclosure equipped with Gefen locking HDMI cables. The support extends to HDR (High Dynamic Range) 10-bit Deep Color at 4K 60Hz 4:2:0 and 4K 24Hz 4:4:4, uncompressed LPCM digital 7.1 audio and EDID management.

A great solution for versatility in a single rack unit size is the Hall Technologies EMCEE200 multiview presentation switcher. Just as impressive sitting on a desktop, the EMCEE200 handles 4K/60 4:4:4 on all inputs and outputs while it displays Picture-In-Picture (PIP) and Picture-Over-Picture (POP). There is also a dual mic mixer, audio embedding and de-embedding, built-in web page with IR, RS-232, TCP/IP, and Telnet control as well as HDBaseT 3.0 and amplifier plugin module support. 


Another high-performance and low-profile switching system is the IDK MSD-V42U digital presentation switcher with built-in scalers and scan converters. Capable of operating with UHD video, this unit has four HDMI/DVI inputs and the outputs send HDMI video up to 4K/60 (4:4:4). The MSD-V41UC/V42UC and MSD-V41UT/V42UT distribute signals in HDMI format and either 10GbE (SDVoE) or HDBaseT simultaneously. Analog audio input signals are distributed by digital audio and analog audio outputs. This line of products can be configured by RS-232C or LAN.

Available in 1RU, 2RU, and 4RU rack sizes, the IHSE Draco Tera Flex matrix switcher can be a custom fit for small to large video facilities, offering up to 160 Flex-Ports. This model blends functionality from 1G and 3G technology with CATx and fiber interfaces. Once the signal extender is connected to the chassis, internal software will auto-configure the port as a CPU or console device. This allows centrally controlled KVM switching to be used in a variety of mission-critical environments.

The KanexPro FLEX-MMX32 4K seamless video modular matrix switcher provides 32 adaptable PCIe slots and of these, 24 cards are for I/O and 8 slots are dedicated video output for use with single 4K HDMI and HDBaseT output cards. This allows a very customizable platform to be crafted, allowing HDMI signals to be sent up to 230ft. with PoH (Power over HDBaseT). The built-in control system can use an integral web GUI, Ethernet, or RS-232. 

One nice thing about video walls is that you can see all of your switcher’s work in one place and the Kramer Electronics HDMI 2.0 Multiview Video Wall Processor displays it in style. This system facilitates video resolutions up to 4K60 4:4:4 with scaling, customized screen designs and an analog audio output in addition to the embedded HDMI audio. An array of control options includes a web user interface, RS-232, RS-485, and RS-422.

The Lightware Visual Engineering MX2-8×8-HDMI20-L is a full-featured HDMI 2.0 matrix switcher that can fit almost anywhere. A single rack unit in size, the switcher has HDR and low latency Dolby Vision support and it can be controlled through Ethernet, RS-232 and USB. The crosspoint switching front panel keys allow quick, easy and reliable operation. Video signals can range to 4K at 60Hz in 4:4:4 format while on the sound side it is 3D, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio capable.

In a package that can easily fit on a desktop or under a conference room table, the Marshall Electronics VSW-2000 allows easy switching between up to four HD-SDI video sources to a single SDI output with re-clocking and equalization. The unit can be controlled through front panel buttons, RS-232 serial or IR remote and it can be mounted in a rack as well. The switcher is powered with a separate DC supply.

Enabling cross-switching between 8 sources and 8 displays, the Opticis OHM-88 can find a good home in small to medium sized A/V facilities. For wide compatibility, EDID can be set by factory setting or EDID learning and the OHM-88 works with video resolutions up to 1920×1200/60 and 1080p. It is controlled and configured on RS-232, LAN, and with the front keys in combination with the front LCD display.

At the far top end of things for large and complex switching, the Pesa Tiger FUSION IP/12G SDI video router and video distribution system (VDS) integrates IP and 4K UHD for solid futureproofing. Supporting SMPTE ST 2110 and single port, uncompressed 4K/60 SDI video over single link 12G, this system has both modular SFP and coaxial cable 12Gbit/S SDI interface ports. It with operates seamlessly with PESA’s suite of router control panels and with most third-party controllers.

The PureLink  HTX II-8800 is an 8×8 4K HDMI to HDBaseT matrix switcher with eight HDMI inputs, six HDBaseTTM outputs, two independent HDMI outputs and PoE. Also integrated into it is a built-in independent audio matrix with 16 audio outputs and volume, mute, and delay adjustment. Control methods include front panel buttons, IR, RS-232, LAN, and web GUI. This is all housed in a 2RU chassis.

Multiviewer switching is advanced by the Rose Electronics QuadraVista HDMI 4K60 showing up to four HDMI sources on one display. Supporting input resolutions from 640×480/60Hz to 1920×1200/60Hz, this unit can configure and save eight different layouts. Users can resize, position, zoom, pan, and blend output video in addition to rotating input images up to ±90 degrees. The 1920×1080/60Hz output resolution can be scaled up to 4K2K.

Sending HDMI, bi-directional IR and PoC up to distances of more than 200ft. over a single CAT cable, the RTI VX88-18g 8×8 HDBaseT matrix switcher has simultaneous HDBaseT/HDMI on output 1. There is a web GUI for easy matrix configuration, and it has video down-conversion on HDBaseT outputs. The Power over CATx makes it very simple to get power to the HDBaseT receivers. Additional control options are panel buttons, IR, and RS-232.

The Snap One Binary B-520-MTRX-230-8×8 HDMI matrix switcher now features PoC on Cat5e/6 cable and each output has HDMI for local displays and HDBaseT to go farther. Ethernet, bi-directional RS-232, and IR can all be used for control. The front panel has source status as well as signal sources and destinations displayed. On the back are 8 wired IR input and output ports on 1/8in. mini connectors. 

Among the 1201 line of switchers, the Tekvox 1201-MV provides six video inputs, five of which are HDMI, and one is powered USB-C while the output is HDMI and HDBaseT. Four sources can be shown simultaneously in any of twelve multiview layouts. The breakaway HDMI output can be set to mirror the HDBaseT output or preview the HDMI 1 input. The HDBaseT output signal can be sent up to 330ft.

A top performer for versatility in a large A/V plant is the Thinklogical TLX80 matrix switch for 10G KVM, video, HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, and audio signals on CATx, multimode or single mode fiber. For mission critical applications, it features hot-swappable control cards, data I/O cards, power supplies, fan trays, and optical modules along with redundant, current-sharing power supplies. With its modular five-port data cards it is configurable up to an 80×80 switch.

Just one of the company’s many switching and routing products, the tvOne CORIOmaster micro handles 8×8 1080p video but it can optionally go to 4K. Multiple video windows can be shown on video walls or projector edge blends. Layouts are designed with CORIOgrapher control software for window and source positioning and transition effects. New are two-layer keying and quad HDMI input and output modules.

Capable of using data rates from SD up to 2160p60 on coax, the Utah Scientific UHD-12G distributes the full range of SDI video signals on that single link. It complies fully with SMPTE standards for SDI video including SMPTE ST 2081 and ST 2082 and it is available in frame configurations: 32×32, 144×144, 160×160, and 288×288. The UHD-12G is fully compatible with the Utah Scientific control systems.

The WyreStorm HDBaseT Matrix MXV-0808-H2A brings together HDBaseT, optical audio, and HDMI for an 8 I/O environment. Packing all of this into a single rack space unit, this product uses lossless compression technology and adds CEC triggering for all 12 connected screens. There are 8 HDBaseT zone outputs and 4 mirrored HDMI outputs. The front panel has a large, bright LED display showing I/O status.



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