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TEKVOX seeks to raise the bar for distance engagement in both the educational and corporate markets with its 1201-MV Universal Switcher designed to deliver true Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) video conferencing by eliminating the need for a conventional inroom PC to drive the conference’s technical components. The 1201- MV features a two-way USB hub at the far end, which allows any connected laptop to host meetings from the conference room using the installed technology. This groundbreaking capability does away with the need for a dedicated conferencing PC, and removes the security risks and overall annoyance associated with the old use model. The 1201-MV utilizes 6-Play HDBase-T to transport 4K video, digital audio, PoC, RS232, LAN, and USB over a single cable. It also includes a native USB-C input with up to 60W of power charging for a tablet or laptop. It features 12 flexible multiview modes for viewing up to four sources at once without additional hardware, something that was not possible with previous 1201 switchers. The 1201-MV features auto-switching—a useful function for collaboration and conferencing—and a breakaway HDMI output. The 1201- MV is available now with an MSRP of $2,998. The switcher is shipped fully functional, pre-programmed, and rigorously tested.

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