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Signal Distribution Tech Showcase

No matter the AV system, all share one fundamental requirement: We must be able to route the signal from its source to its destination.

Signal Distribution Tech Showcase

Nov 1, 2011 11:51 AM,
by Mike Keadle

Atlona AT-AiR3

The commercial AV systems that we design and install on a daily basis vary quite dramatically in size, scope, and function. No matter the system, all share one fundamental requirement: We must be able to route the signal from its source to its destination.

Today, manufacturers have provided us with more options than we have ever had to accomplish this task. We have the capability to route almost any signal over almost any method imaginable. Coax, twisted pair, fiber, and even wireless are viable methods of signal distribution that we can incorporate into our systems. Take a look at the latest signal distribution products from our industry’s leading manufacturers:

Atlona’s new AT-AiR3 wireless adapter allows any Windows or Mac computer to be displayed wirelessly onto a monitor, projector, or TV through either VGA or HDMI. The AT-AiR3 uses a USB dongle for connection to the source computer, and a receiver located at the display for connection of VGA, HDMI, and analog audio. The wireless connectivity eliminates the presenter from being tethered to a cable at a fixed location. It allows the source computer to be located or moved up to 30ft. away from the receiver. The unit supports audio through the HDMI connection as well as the analog audio output if an analog video signal is present on the VGA output. It is capable of mirroring, or extending the display, and supports resolutions up to 1080p.

AudioScience Hono CobraNet

The Hono CobraNet series of networked audio encoders and decoders from AudioScience offers a solution for any CobraNet audio need. The Hono CobraNet line is comprised of the Mini, Fixed, and Custom series. The devices are available in configurations starting at two inputs and outputs in the Mini series, all the way up to 16 inputs and output in the Fixed series. The Custom series allows up to 16 inputs and outputs per frame on modular cards allowing the configuration to be built in any needed combination. Input options for the Hono CobraNet line include balanced mic or line analog inputs and AES / EBU digital inputs. Outputs are either balanced analog line level, AES / EBU digital. The entire series is compatible with all other AudioScience CobraNet devices, as well as other third party CobraNet equipment.

Black Box ServSwitch Wizard DVI-D Plus USB Extender

Black Box offers a full lineup of signal distribution products. Two of its newest are from its ServSwitch family. TheServSwitch Wizard DVI-D Plus USB Extender transmits single-link DVI-D video signal and USB over a single Category cable. Resolutions up to 165 megapixels per second (the fastest rate available for single-link signals) can be achieved with no compression or conversion. 1080p video can be transmitted up to 165ft. without any loss. The ServSwitch Wizard SRX DVI-D Plus USB Extender also contains a built-in four-port USB hub at the receiver unit. This allows connection of up to four USB devices through the extender with only a single USB connection at the transmitter.

ServSwitch Wizard USB KVM Extender with Audio

The ServSwitch Wizard USB KVM Extender with Audio allows VGA, audio, USB, and keyboard and mouse to be extended up to 1000ft. over a single category cable. Resolutions up to 1600×1280 are supported for the VGA connection. Analog audio is supported through standard 1/8in. input and output jacks. Like its DVI sibling, the ServSwitch Wizard USB KVM Extender with Audio also contains a built-in four-port USB hub on the receiver.

DVIGear HDMI and DVI Extender

DVIGear recently introducedits new line of HDMI and DVI extenders. The new lineup consists of transmitters and receivers which require two Cat-6A /Cat-7 cables for transmission between the units. The basic units support HDCP on both the DVI and HDMI versions, and include automatic cable equalization. Expanded units are available with RS-232 pass-through, and pixel accurate reclocking, as well as manual cable equalization for fine-tuning the performance of the transmitters. The transmitter and receivers may be used as a standalone extension for a signal or may be integrated and powered with DVIGear’s MXP series routers. Rackmount kits are available.

Extron DTP DVI 301

Extron DTP HDMI 301

Extron Electronics’s new line of Digital Twisted Pair extenders provides long-distance signal transmission for most applications. The DTP HDMI 301 digital twisted-pair extender set transmits HDMI, RS-232, and IR signals over a single Cat-5-type cable. The set can send 1080p/60 deep color or 1920×1200 signals up to 100 meters (330ft.). A second twisted-pair cable connection may also be used to transmit an analog stereo audio signal. The signal maintains full HDCP and DDC EDID communication between source and display to ensure a consistent high quality image. The extender set may be powered from either end—a feature very useful in keeping the clutter of external power supply units to a minimum. Like its cousin above, the new DTP DVI 301 digital twisted-pair extender set also transmits high-resolution 1080p/60 deep color and 1920×1200 signals up to 100 meters on a single twisted-pair cable. It features the same signal support and specifications as the DTP HDMI 301, in addition to a buffered loop-through output to support a local DVI-D monitor connection. The DTP HDMI 301 and DTP DVI 301 transmitters and receivers may be mixed and matched as needed to comply with the installation at hand.

FSR’s most recent addition to its signal distribution lineup is the TwisterPro series. The TwisterPro UTP transmitters and receivers provide video, stereo audio, RS-232, and IR signal extension up to 1000ft. over Cat-5, Cat-5e, and Cat-6 cable. The units provide error-free transmission, which is virtually immune to electrical noise interference. Both transmitters and receiver units are available in wall-plate-style units, as well as “brick” housing versions capable of being surface mounted or attached to a rackmount kit. Receivers are also available with skew adjustment to compensate for varying cable twist rates. A TwisterPro Hub unit is also available to allow cascading of units up to a maximum of 512 outputs.

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Signal Distribution Tech Showcase

Nov 1, 2011 11:51 AM,
by Mike Keadle

Kramer TP-581T

Gepco International has partnered with MultiDyne to create its new line of Gepco Powered by MultiDyne fiber-optic transport products. Each of the products in the series have been designed to convert an electrical signal to an optical signal for a much farther transmission distance, lower cabling weight, and an overall cost savings. Models in the series accommodate most signal types- HD-SDI, HDMI, DVI, composite video, mic and line level audio, data and intercom, and Ethernet.

The new Draco Compact HD-KVM extender from IHSE USA is the newest in the IHSE’s lineup of extenders and matrix routing products. The Draco Compact HD-KVM extender provides DVI video at up to 1920×1200 and 2048×1152 resolutions, analog and digital audio, serial data, either two or four USB-HID, and USB 2.0 extension over a variety of cable types. Extender kits are available using a single Category-type cable for transmissions of the signals (only two USB-HID) at a distance of up to 140 meters, dual category-type cables (four USB-HID) at up to 140 meters, various multimode fiber types at up to 1,000 meters, and single-mode fiber at up to 80 kilometers. Rackmounting kits and mounting plates for either snap-in or screw-type mountings are available.

Kramer TP-582R

Kramer TP-582T

Kramer Electronics’ newest signal distribution products are based on HDBaseT technology. The new TP-581T transmitter and TP-582R receiver provide HDMI, 100BaseT Ethernet, bidirectional RS-232, and IR signal extension over a single Category cable. The TP-582R also de-embeds the HDMI audio and routes it to S/PDIF and TOSLINK outputs. The TP-582R also features dual HDMI outputs allowing the signal to be routed to two separate devices. The new TP-582T transmitter is identical to the TP-581T with the exception that it offers two HDMI inputs and allows switching between the inputs at the transmitter. All three models in the lineup have a range of 330ft. at the maximum resolution of 1080p. All units are also HDCP-compliant.

Magenta Research Voyager VG-Matrix 48x

Magenta Research has long been recognized as a leader in AV switching, routing, and signal distribution over both Category-type cable and fiber. The company’s latest product offering extends its recognized Voyager product line to even more users and applications. The Voyager VG-Matrix 48x offers all of the benefits of the existing VG-Matrix 160 in a smaller 48-port frame. When paired with the existing line of Voyager transmitters and receivers, the VG-Matrix 48x provides matrix routing of analog and digital video, audio, and RS-232 signals over multimode fiber to distances of two kilometers and over single mode fiber to distances of 30 kilometers. The Voyager system also converts the analog video inputs into digital to allow single DVI or HDMI output connections. The Voyager VG-Matrix 48x is a 5RU enclosure. It may be filled with up to six I/O cards, each with eight ports. The unit features dual power supplies, a removable air filter, and includes Magenta’s MagUI PC-based configuration and control software.

MultiDyne HDMI-ONE

The new DVI-ONE-E and HDMI-ONE fiber optic extender set from MultiDyne offers HDMI and DVI with HDCP and full EDID functionality over a single multimode fiber. The units support up to 1920×1200 resolution in a 100 percent transparent, uncompressed signal at up to 1,000 meters. The transmitter and receiver units may be powered locally with an external power supply, or may use a USB port from the computer source to power the transmitter and a USB port from the display to power the receiver. This allows the elimination of the external power supplies for a cleaner look.



The PesaPRO-HDMI-CAT extender set allows HDMI signals to be run up to 130ft. at 1080p resolution and up to 65ft. at 1080p with 36-bit color depth over a single Cat-5 cable. Both the transmitter and receiver units are small in size and have integrated mounting slots on the sides for attachment to a wall or under a table. The units support HDCP, deep color video, DTS-HD, and TrueHD audio. The receiver features an eight level equalization control to allow the incoming signal strength to be adjusted and optimized. The PRO-HDMI-CAT-PLG extender set allows 1080p HDMI signals to be sent up to 50ft. over a single Cat-5 cable. The transmitter is small in size like that of the PRO-HDMI-CAT above. It also includes integrated mounting slots. The PESA PRO-HDMI-CAT offers a very small receiver unit requiring no power. This allows the unit to be easily hidden and eliminated the need for an additional AC outlet for an external power supply.

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Signal Distribution Tech Showcase

Nov 1, 2011 11:51 AM,
by Mike Keadle

Riedel MediorNet Compact

Riedel’s new MediorNet Compact fiber base stage box integrates perfectly with the company’s Artist, RockNet, and modular MediorNet systems. It features optical fiber transport of 3G/HD/SD-SDI video, audio, data and intercom. The MediorNet Compact features integrated signal processing at every port—embedding/de-embedding, test pattern generators, onscreen display, frame store synchronizers, and timecode Insertion. The unit operates at a 50Gbps network bandwidth and supports any combination of network topologies. Its bandwidth is enough to support bi-directional transport of 12 HD-SDI signals, dozens of Ethernet or MADI streams, and hundreds of channels of audio or intercom.

TV One 1T-CT-670

The new 1T-CT-670 HDMI-over-fiber system from TV One allows the extension of HDMI signals using a single fiber-optic cable. The 1T-CT-670 consists of a 1T-CT-671 transmitter unit and a 1T-CT-672 receiver unit. Both units feature TV One’s locking power connector to ensure mechanical performance of the connection. The system is capable of transmitting HDMI 1.3 with HDCP and deep color at resolutions up to 1080p. Distribution distance of up to 1,000 meters is possible at 1080p resolution.

ZeeVee has launched two new additions to its HD video distribution lineup. The ZvBox 160 is an entry-level unit that is packed with features. It accepts component video at 720p, 480p, and 480i resolutions, and digital audio via S/PDIF and TOSLINK inputs. The ZvBox 160 provides 720p, 480p, or 480i MPEG-2 encoding modulated onto a digital cable (QAM) channel, which may be assigned to any empty channel in the CATV system. The unit also features a built-in spectrum analyzer to easily find empty channels. The ZvBox 180 adds onto the 160’s feature list. It also offers VGA video and USB audio inputs at rates up to 1080p in addition to the standard inputs of the 160. The ZvBox 180 also provides a modulated output at 1080i or 1080p in addition to the lower resolutions supported by the 160.

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