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Starin PROAV Outfitters

AV distribution company Starin debuted ProAV Outfitters at InfoComm 2018, a new means of providing complete “deliverables.” More than a bundle of key components, it is cables, accessories, and all materials down to the toggle bolt. Think IKEA. More than a bundle, it includes step-by-step instruction sets. ProAV Outfitters is visualized as a network of reselling integrators powered by the Starin community. ProAV Outfitters has two categories of deliverables for integrators to provide, Collaboration Stations and Video Walls. The UC-based Collaboration Stations have Huddle and Conference Room configurations. Designed for Zoom Video Conferencing, Starin has Zoom-approved ZoomRooms with all the brands in the Zoom eco-system. Starin also has packages for any other general Unified Communications platform.

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