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Strother Bullins on Lewitt MTP Series 550 DM Handheld Microphone

With design headquarters in Vienna and manufacturing facilities in China, Perschon led his design/build team to pursue new, progressive microphone designs. The results are most apparent in Lewitt’s studio- grade large diaphragm condenser microphones. Yet the innovation is clearly apparent in its live handheld microphone models. They are products that will suit applications in houses-of-worship, clubs, institutional/school environments, hotels, etc.

The Lewitt MTP 550 DM is a great example of a “workhorse” dynamic cardioid handheld microphone featuring no adjustable parameters, a hearty build quality with obviously high-grade shock mounting and materials throughout along with an overall pleasing sound, all for an affordable $119 street.

In my own field tests, the MTP 550 DM performed alongside competing models from AKG, Sennheiser and Shure quite well, even compared to some that sell for $50-100 more. With a 60 Hz to 16 kHz frequency range, its response isn’t a ruler-flat transduction of its sound source but a sculpted, well-chosen translation. The MTP 550 DM shines on vocals, drums, guitar amplifier cabinets, and in other placements where a carefully detailed, slightly emphasized midrange response is needed and desired.

Vocalists and instrumentalists alike noted the MTP 550 DM’s helpful off-axis rejection, nearly non-existent handling noise and its high-quality, built-in pop/wind filtering. In one particular outdoor application, the MPT 550 DM was the best of a four-model dynamic handheld array in resisting strong, whipping winds while in use. The mic boasts a notably road-ready build quality, too; it was dropped a number of times (from nearly six feet to concrete) with nary a scratch inflicted. It’s clear that Perschon and the Lewitt team spent a considerable amount of time crafting the MTP Series’ fit and finish. These attributes allow it to be considered alongside those world-class, ubiquitous handheld dynamics that we all know, love and depend upon.

The MTP 550 DM kit comes complete with a nice padded and zippered carry bag and flexible shock mount with plastic wing nut for tightening. It may seem like an unimportant feature, but being able to tighten a dynamic handheld without looking for a penny or grabbing a screwdriver is a lifesaver in some applications. That said, much of the appeal found in the MTP 550 DM involves small and thoughtful features. Personally, I’m quite impressed with what Perschon has accomplished in a short six years since the debut of Lewitt’s first products at the 2010 NAMM Show, and the MTP 550 DM is a great example of the company’s successes thus far.

Strother Bullins is Technology Editor for NewBay Media’s AV/Pro Audio Group.

Product Summary

COMPANY: Lewitt |

PROS: High-grade build quality; well-chosen, sculpted frequency response conducive to live vocals; affordable price

CONS: None noted






SENSITIVITY: 2 mV/Pa (-54 dBV)


CONNECTOR: Gold-plated 3-pin

XLR DIMENSIONS: 1.9” diameter by 6.9” length

WEIGHT: 14.1 oz.

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