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Portable monitor speaker
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Portable monitor speaker

The all-in-one MM series Portable Monitor Speaker System by Sunburst Gear is compact and features a bi-amplified design with some models featuring a 5¼in. speaker paired with a 1in. tweeter. Ideal for applications ranging from studio monitoring to use as a PA system during live events, the 3-channel speaker system has inputs for a variety of instrument and microphone combinations as well as an aux input for working along with an MP3 player. Each channel has independent volume controls with a 3-band EQ on primary channels or on speaker out. Separate main output control is available on some models. Ranging in weight from 11lbs. to 23lbs., some of the MM series speaker models feature Bluetooth connectivity and a rechargeable battery for up to 20 hours of play time. The speakers are powered by a Class D amplifier and Class V adaptor that is EnergyStar compliant.




Innovative Product: Sunburst Gear M3BR8

Sunburst Gear M3BR8Dec 4, 2014 5:09 PMShipped: September 2014Designed and assembled in the USA, the M3BR8 from Sunburst Gear is a professional high fidelity reference monitor speaker system that is compact, rechargeable, and portable. Features include a 5 1/4in. speaker paired more

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John McJunkin on Sunburst Gear M3BR8 & M3R8

Most of the time we take it for granted that electrical power will be there. Nearly everywhere audio gear is used, we connect a three-prong plug to the wall socket, knowing we’ll get power. A generator is usually employed if there is no permanent power, and that is usually more