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SurgeX Large-Format UPS

AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection (ESP) has added to its SurgeX line of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems with a suite of large-format UPS products. Now available in three new sizes—10,000 volt-amps (10kVA), 15,000 volt-amps (15kVA), 20,000 volt-amps (20kVA)— the new SurgeX large-format UPS product line offers comprehensive protection and carry over for mission-critical systems. The new models feature online double-conversion technology in addition to an integrated isolation transformer. This helps to ensure that if power from the utility or generator is dirty, unstable or lost, connected systems will continue to receive isolated and regenerated power for system availability and peak performance. Once installed, the units are always on and ready to carry over until an alternative power source is engaged, until safe shutdown is completed, or until a load shed is completed by safely powering down high-consumption components and leaving only the critical systems online thereby expanding run time. Once the UPS system is engaged, information on the load, runtime, system health, and other metrics is instantly available via IP, closures, and RS 232 supported methods.

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