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Tannoy In-Ceiling Loudspeakers

Tannoy In-Ceiling Loudspeakers

Mar 8, 2006 8:00 AM

Tannoy’s line-up of pro audio loudspeakers span various market sectors including installation (sound reinforcement and architectural), live, and studio. Several new products will be launched by Tannoy at this year’s NSCA Expo in Las Vegas.

Tannoy is extending its popular in-ceiling range of loudspeakers with four new compact high-performance models. All models use ‘in-house’ driver technology in the form of Dual Concentric and ICT (Inductive Coupling Technology) units. The CMS 501 and 601 make use of 5in. and 6.5in. ICT drivers, respectively.

The ICT driver is a true point source, phase coherent design offering excellent vocal articulation and musical fidelity. The ICT driver’s HF section is electro-magnetically and not electrically driven, and so the tweeter cannot burn out.

Using a newly engineered 5in. Dual Concentric, the CMS 501DC offers all the inherent benefits of this design in a neat unit. The CMS 501DC ceiling speaker offers high power handling and outstanding vocal intelligibility with wide dispersion providing excellent coverage. The patented self-aligning clamp mechanism and the supplied C-rings and tile bridge rails facilitate installation. The CMS 501DC model incorporates a 30W transformer, and when used within distributed-line installations the transformer can be tapped at 30W, 15W, and 7.5W, with an additional 3.75W tapping for 70.7V line systems.

An optional plaster (mud) ring bracket and pre-install back can is available for pre-installation into newly constructed, non-suspended ceilings. The HF section of the CMS 501DC driver is an extended bandwidth (54kHz) super tweeter ensuring exceptional intelligibility and clarity for speech and music systems. Offering an enhanced bass dynamic and higher SPL, a larger, 6.5in. Dual Concentric is used in the 601DC.

CMS 601 models use a 60W transformer and when using distributed-line systems, the transformer can be tapped at 60W, 30W, and 15W, with an additional 7.5W tapping for 70.7V line systems. All models are available in a choice of either blind-mount (BM), these come with a pre-fitted back can, or pre-install (PI), there is an optional pre-install back can available for these models.

The range is designed to satisfy a vast range of applications where there is a demand for high quality and yet unobtrusive sound systems; commercial installations such as boardrooms, AV, leisure or retail stores, and residential custom installations for multi-room systems or home theatre.

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