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Tech Roundup: Cable and Power 2022

The distance limitations of digital video have put new demands on precision cable manufacturing; modern AV circuitry requires increasingly stable and reliable power sources. The devices shown here represent advances in cable and power support for AV transmission and trouble-free delivery, as well as related accessories.

The Altinex CNK222 Cable Nook is designed to give conference room presenters a simple, versatile tool for easily connecting AC power, USB charging HDMI, network, and other media sources right on the table top. The cabling can be stored inside the box and covered by the on-rails lid. The CNK-IP-210 faceplate is equipped with two CNK-IP-200 single gang dual power, dual USB plates and one CNK-IP-217 HDMI module. This provides a total of four AC outlets, four USB charging ports, an HDMI pass-through connector and four blank snap-in ports that can be customized.

AtlasIED AP Series of IP addressable power conditioners utilize advanced power management, distribution, and monitoring to safeguard connected equipment from RF Interference and unstable AC voltage. Each of the three power conditioners (AP-S158IP, AP-S15HRIP, and AP-S15IP) also feature programmable outlets, a Web-based user interface, and remote monitoring capabilities. With the integrated Web-based interface, dealers can program outlets to sequence on and off individually or in groups; remotely monitor conditions such as voltage, current, temperature, and humidity conditions; and set alarms to alert users when temperature and humidity levels exceed certain parameters or a fault has occurred on the network. An external temperature/humidity probe can be integrated to activate a cooling system if necessary. The new conditioners come in three different form factors, including vertical, and integrate with all AtlasIED racks and complement the Texas Tough line of equipment racks. A removable 2m, 14-gauge IEC power cord with a retainer bracket permits the installer to select the power cord length required for the installation.

The Belden 4K Ultra HD Media Cable is designed for optimal performance in 4K HDBaseT transmission; it can deliver to distances over 100 meters. The compact cable, rated to withstand 45lbs. of pull tension, has a small bend radius and it incorporates a corrugated foil shield and a helical drain. They can be terminated using the Belden REVConnect product line of modular shielded plugs and jacks eliminating the need to separate the bonded pairs.

The ultra-thin (.048mm) Black Box Active Optical Cable product range supports transmission of ultra-high-bandwidth video and audio (including PCM 8-channel, DTS-HD and Dolby Digital True HD surround sound analog). With this triple-shielded, hybrid fiber/copper cable, users can extend HDMI signals with resolutions up to 4K at 60 Hz 4:4:4 and DisplayPort signals with resolutions up to 8K @ 60 Hz 4:4:4 for more than 200 meters. The cables were designed to provide a simple, time-saving alternative to HDMI/ DP cables or AV extender kits, especially for high-density UHD installations such as digital signage, control room, surveillance, medical optical imaging, video walls, VT, and high-density enterprise applications. Active Optical Cables support HDMI: full 4K UHD resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 at 60 Hz, chroma 4:4:4 with up to 18 Gbps bandwidth; and DisplayPort: full 8K UHD resolutions up to 7680 x 4320 at 60 Hz or 32.4 Gbps. The cables’ hybrid fiber/copper design allows power to be pulled from the source and transmitted over copper to the display side, with no external power required. Standard lengths are 10, 15, and 30 meters (box) and 50 or 100 meters (spool). The cables are hot-swappable, require no software and are compatible with Black Box and thirdparty equipment.

The C2G 6ft Thunderbolt 4 USB-C Active Cable (40Gbps) supports data transfers, 4K video, and power delivery up to 100W. It enables delivery up to 40Gbps to or from a Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4 enabled port. C2G claims users can transfer a 5GB file in about a second over the cable. This Thunderbolt 4 cable has been certified and tested to ensure broad compatibility across Mac, Windows, and Chrome OS devices.

The Cleerline SSF CLEERFIBER is a single strand of SSF 50/125/250 μm multimode fiber contained within a 900 μm transparent jacket; it can virtually disappear into any indoor setting. Offering the same strength, safety, and speed of termination as the entire line of SSF fiber optic solutions, Cleerfiber provides signal distribution without the necessity of penetrating walls. SSF Cleerfiber makes it possible to discreetly connect components with a cable that resembles fishing line. SSF Cleerfiber Like all SSF cables, Cleerfiber incorporates SSF polymer coating at the glass label for durability and bend-insensitivity. SSF Cleerfiber can be routed and placed along baseboards or ceilings, up walls, or directed anywhere for easy indoor point-to-point cable placement. The cable can be caulked and painted over.

In July the Covid EC-HD31 8K HDMI non-plenum cable was announced. Backward compatible for 4K/60 4:4:4 resolutions, the new 15-foot 48-Gbps HDMI cable supports ultra-high-speed [email protected] (7680×4320) 4:4:4 as well as 8K100/120, 10K50/60, and up to 10K/100/120.


The latest member of the DVIGear HyperLight Active Optical Cables (AOC) family supports both full-size and Mini DisplayPort connections. These cables enable the extension of DisplayPort 1.4 signals with aggregate data rates up to 32.4 Gbps (HBR3) and are HDCP 1.4/2.2 compliant. They support resolutions of up to 8K/30Hz (4:4:4) for cable lengths of up to 50 meters (164 feet) and 4K/60Hz (4:4:4) for cables of up to 100 meters (328 feet). The cables have Mini DisplayPort connectors at both ends for direct connection to both Mini-DP sources and displays. Each cable also includes a set of detachable docking plugs that enable direct connection to full-size DisplayPort devices at either side of the cable. A locking pin is included. Constructed using a hybrid design of 4x POF (Polyfluorinated Optical Fiber) and 6x copper wires, HyperLight cables are plenum rated, with a minimum bend radius of just 2 mm. The full-size DisplayPort docking plugs may be detached, revealing the cable’s cross-sectional area that measures just 8 mm x 13 mm. These ultra-reliable cables are also immune to interference from environmental noise with a very low RFI/EMI profile for secure applications.

In June Extron began taking orders for the high-performance Extron USBC Pro 8K Series, active, hybrid optical-copper USB-C cables that transmit 8K/30 DisplayPort AV, USB 2.0 data, and power signals simultaneously over distances up to 30 feet (9.1 meters). They support power delivery of up to 60 watts and can draw power from either connected USB device. The ultra-flexible, 0.26” (6.5 mm) thin diameter and narrow bend radius cable construction enable easy installation in tight spaces in popular lengths from 12 feet up to 30 feet (3.6 meters up to 9.1 meters).

In April, the FSR Modular Linx System (MLS) debuted. It’s an expandable power platform that distributes two-20 Amp AC power circuits to create a relocatable and reusable modular daisy-chained power system. MLS utilizes a patented locking connector designed for rugged use in a small form factor. This UL listed, CSA certified system is typically installed under the work surface as a single or dual circuit with a power distribution box at each point of use, or can be used in open ceilings and walls. It can also incorporate Y-cables to split the system at any point along its path. The power for MLS can originate from the floor via FSR’s Smart-Way Furniture Feed Device Box or poke through, from a pluggable single gang wall plate or it can be directly hard-wired. Key features include: two to forty daisy-chained plugs; ability to interrupt current (make or break) under full load; and fully encapsulated connectors for reliability and safety. MLS is suitable for use in environmental air handling spaces (plenums) and is built around an eco-friendly design. A minimum system comes standard with an input-feed, power distribution boxes and connecting cables.

The Furman CN-1800S is a single rack space device featuring SmartSequencing technology and with bidirectional communications between multiple units a primary can control and sequence multiple secondary units. Its RS-232 ports and command sets enable it to be operated through control systems and an optional RS-232-to-Ethernet adapter adds full IP-addressability to the unit, allowing it to be controlled, programmed, and monitored from a smartphone, tablet, PC, or any Web-enabled device. It includes noise filtration, voltage/ surge protection and it provides a total of nine AC outlets. Furman also features the SS-6B-PRO with Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS)–a 6-outlet power block that adds EVS to the Furman SS-6B. The unit also delivers EMI/RFI filtration, heavy duty steel construction, and a 15ft. power cord.

Hall Technologies CUSB3V1-AP* is a recent addition to Hall’s Javelin active optical cables for extending virtually all USB 3.0 and 3.1 Gen1 devices (also USB 2.0 and 2.2 via Windows). Available in lengths of 15, 30, and 50 meters, the CUSBV1-AP cables support transparent extension of USB 3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen1) signals at data rates of up to 5 Gbps. The cables are downward compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1 devices when used with a PC host. An innovative feature of the new AOC cable is its ability to provide precise and regulated 5 volt power to the remote device. USB 3.0 specification doubles the amount of power that a USB host is required to provide. In the past, a challenging problem with long cables has been the drop in 5v power through the cable especially with power hungry USB devices. The new Hall Research USB AOC cable boosts the 5v from the host to 12v and then regulates the 12v back down to 5v at the device end.

For a low cost solution to short fiber optic runs Hosa Technology Pro Fiber Optic Cable comes in a variety of lengths from 3 to 30ft., each of which is terminated in Toslink connectors. This plastic optical fiber (POF) cable is designed to interconnect digital audio components and it is compatible with ADAT and all S/PDIF formats, including Dolby Digital and DTS surround. The polished optical terminations provide minimum signal loss and the tough construction will stand up to demanding applications.

The Juice Goose CQ-1520 has 7 AC power outlets on the rear panel with a total rating of 20A. One of these is unswitched and the others are grouped into three power pods of two outputs each. The power pods’ activation can be sequenced and each CQ-1520 unit can be the master or slave in a power sequencing system. Indicator LEDs on the front provide real time monitoring of the processor and sequencing functions.

Kramer Electronics’ TBUS-202xl Dual Pop–Up Table Mount Multi–Connection Solution is accessible from either side of the conference table with its pneumatic lifts that close flush with the table surface. They can be fitted with a custom choice of Universal, USA, European and many other power connections and each includes 15–pin HD, HDMI, 3.5mm and Ethernet ports. The enclosure is constructed of anodized aluminum and tops are available in silver and black.

Another very slick looking power and cable connecting box is the Legrand-Wiremold Integreat A/V Table Box with USB. Available in a selection of finishes, the unit has an activation surface that can be lowered in 1/2in. increments from 1in. to 4in. to accommodate a range of longer cable connectors. The accompanying template makes installation hole cutting easy and the unit can be purchased in both cord-ended and fieldwired versions.

The Lowell Manufacturing ACSPRSEQ6-2009 rack-mounted power sequencer has nine AC outlets, six of which are switched and three are unswitched. The fourstep sequencer has a screwdriver adjustable delay between steps that can be set between 0.5 and 10 seconds and this can be activated either by a front panel rocker switch or through a rear panel remote control terminal block. The unit includes surge suppression and an alarm interface. The front panel includes LED indicators for power, circuit activation and surge protection.

LynTec Narrow Profile Panelboards are 9-inch-wide, column-width panels that can hold up to 42 controllable circuit breakers. They are uniquely designed to maximize space efficiency while providing comprehensive power control to audio, video, and lighting installations. The Narrow Profile Panelboard is less than half the width of a standard panel; it is so thin it can be mounted in a structural support column on the rigging. Customers can mix and match the Narrow Profile panels with LynTec’s range of power control panels, including the RPC Remote Control Breaker Panels, RPCR Automated Relay Panels, and NPAC MultiCircuit Rackmount units within the same network on a single interface. From a single IP address, customers can set up, control, and monitor all their AVL sequences or controllable lighting zones across the facility.

Middle Atlantic VWM Series Wall Cabinets are available in a variety of pre-configured models to maximize space and handle the highest density of components of any vertical wall cabinet in the industry. No further configuration is necessary as each model includes a patent-pending design that has flexible position spaces for the included rackrail, multiple knockouts, electrical box, and different levels of user access depending on the model. The pre-configured VWM Series Wall Cabinets also can be customized to support additional small device mounting within the cabinet and/or on the door, thermal management, cable integrity, and power distribution for a systems approach that ensures uptime and reliability

Nemal Stadium-4 Plenum Cable System was designed as a leap forward in performance and ease of installation for all multicamera HDTV/ SMPTE cable installations. Significantly, it brings to the market the ability to install HD camera systems in stadiums, houses of worship, and other venues requiring plenum-rated cable without specialized tooling or training. It also offers a substantially lower installed cost than any other currently available alternative. Nemal Stadium-4 plenum cable connects up to 4 HDTV cameras over 1000 meters or more, using a single flexible UL plenum rated cable

The new Neutrik NA2-IO-DPRO Dante network device now features full integration with Crestron control products for remote control of Neutrik’s latest addition to networked devices. Designers can now fully integrate the DPRO into a Crestron system and perform various controls such as gain, phantom power, lo-cut, mute, and mic/line switch. The NA2-IO-DPRO is Neutrik’s POE powered Dante I/O solution to add more flexibility in a network setup for Line, MIC, and even AES signals. Besides their own control software, the NA2-IO-DPRO can be remote controlled from Yamaha CL/QL consoles and from Q-Sys and Crestron control devices. The module is available for free in the Crestron application market. It is recommended for all NA2-IO-DPRO users.

In the spring, the Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 TOP L input and output cable connectors debuted along with associated tools. Carrying the -L suffix, these new connectors accept cable outer diameters of 10-16 mm (0.39-0.63”) making them ideal for latched, twist-locking, single-phase AC power connectors with extra hard service cable. With excellent weather resistance, including UV light resistance, the connectors are ideal for first runs from power distros to daisy-chained devices as well as for various applications where junior service cable may be deemed too lightweight. The connectors can be used with SJ* cables as well for those customers who prefer them over the standard (non L).

The Opticis HDFC-200 HDMI 2.0 active optical cable can be operated on USB bus power at the receive end or for applications that require more power there is an optional USB power cable on transmit side. To avoid accidental disconnection, the HDMI connectors are high-retention types. The cable supports resolutions to 4K (4096×2160) at 60Hz at 328ft. and it is CEC, EDID, and HDCP 2.2 compliant.

The Panamax VT4315-PRO has a vertically rack mounted form factor that offers 15A power control with linear noise filtration, automatic voltage monitoring and catastrophic surge protection. The BlueBOLT enabled system enables users to remotely reboot 12 outlets in 8 individually controlled banks as well as monitor energy use, set alerts and program scheduled commands. The outlets are spaced apart to accommodate wall wart DC power transformers and at 37 inches it fits into most racks 20 RU and up. Last year, Panamax added two new vertical power distribution units – the VT-EXT12 and VT-EXT16 – to the Vertex line; both add flexible protected power to the system rack. The 12 and 16 outlet configurations mount vertically at the back of the rack, placing power where it’s needed and reducing cable lengths. The slim design of each unit allows for easy workflow, while clip mounts make for a quick installation. The spacing allows for large transformers, such as wall warts; the 12-inch heavy-duty extension cable – the 15-EXT1 – is designed for extra-large transformer and wall warts. While all Panamax Vertex models can be used as stand-alone Power Distribution Units, when plugged into Panamax and Furman power conditioners they share all the AC line protection and AC line filtering from the power conditioner to distribute protection and performance to extra outlets in the rack.


Rose Electronics CrystalLink USB3.1 Active Optical Cable has built in optics to extend USB up to 300ft. while using USB bus power. The low smoke zero halogen jacket can be run through plenum or floor-to-floor. The three available models include hybrid cable that supports USB3.1 gen 1 / USB 2.0 and provides power through cable, a second model for pure optical cable and a third model that is hybrid with power transmission capability.

In July, the Snap One Binary BX 8K Active HDMI Cables debuted, supporting 8K UHD at 60Hz 4:2:0 and up to 10K at 30 Hz 4:4:4. They also display 4K at 120Hz and 4K at 60Hz 4:4:4, handle transmission speeds up to 48Gbps, and support Dolby ATMOS, DTSX, and HDMI 3D. The cables are designed with zinc alloy connector heads, superior pull and bend strength, and GripTek connectors. Without the need for external power, Snap One says the new active cables create a simpler install. The “gripping” design means 8 pounds of pull force is needed to remove the cable from the HDMI port. All Binary HDMI cables also feature an ultra-pliable jacket that ensures flexibility with a tighter bend radius and a low-profile connector.

The Snap One WattBox ultra-compact IP Power outlets provide IP power and remote monitoring in the smallest form factor in the industry. This budget-friendly UL listed, single-controlled bank with two outlets is designed to stop service calls with OvrC, SnapAV’s free remote management and servicing system. Through the OvrC dashboard, you can reboot and troubleshoot devices remotely, eliminating unnecessary truck rolls. Software includes scheduling features, notifications, and an end-user app.

The anticipated SurgeX Squid power management device is now shipping. Squid includes networked control and analytics of AC and DC, frontend protection with SurgeX’s patented Multi-Stage surge suppression technology as well as monitoring and management capabilities. Squid includes two 5-volt USB ports for charging and network troubleshooting, eight outputs, four of which are traditional controlled and monitored IEC receptacles, and four are DC so integrators can eliminate the need for wall warts or a two-box solution. By using a relay-based system, the AC and DC ports can be controlled, the device can be monitored, and can be easily integrated into third-party control systems. Available in three models for (2) 12V, (2) 24V, and a combination of the two, integrators can use Squid to power small spaces and keep them running smoothly with preventative maintenance, mounting the small device in the rack, behind a flat panel, mounted under a table, or integrated into a table hatch. With built-in autosensing, Squid is also the first SurgeX product with universal compatibility with 120V to 240V, allowing global companies to simplify installations and spec the same product into its offices worldwide. As a proper intelligent, and flexible power foundation, Squid offers SurgeX Axess ELITE capabilities such as sequencing, scheduling, auto-ping, IP Control, monitoring, and management. Squid features built-in diagnostic monitoring, similar to the popular SurgeX enVision, providing a single solution for management, mitigation and control of the system’s power. Squid measures electrical parameters, including voltage, current, power, frequency, power factor, and crest factor, and provides time-stamped power quality events and internal storage of 30 days’ worth of max/min/average electrical parameters. Squid meets the highest security standards, with support for all the leading network security protocols including 802.1x authentication and active directory. Squid ia available in three models: 12V, 24V, and a combined 12V and 24V models.

Thinklogical’s PDU 4/4 Remote Power Distribution Unit provides eight individually controlled AC power outlets in a single rack unit system. It features password security, user definable port names and port groups along with a front panel LCD for easy setup and configuration. It also has redundant DC power supplies for built-in I/O and control circuits and individually programmable Reboot Time Delay on each outlet. The unit works in conjunction with Thinklogical’s Secure Console Servers. The PDU offers effective out-of-band management by enabling users to power cycle, hard boot, and control power to individual servers through console management sessions.

The Tripp Lite OMNI1500LCDT LineInteractive Tower UPS System provides surge suppression and Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) circuits continuously regulate brownouts and overvoltages from 92V to 150V back to usable levels while maintaining backup battery power. The back panel has 10 built-in outlets, 5 with full battery backup and surge suppression. The built-in USB port enables optional unattended system shutdown without data loss in case of extended power failure and the PowerAlert software can be downloaded.

The tvONE Magenta HDMI 2.0 Active Optical Cable (MG-AOC-66x) supports up to 4K60 4:4:4 with no compression or latency up to 328ft. without the need for external power and is available in UL rated Plenum (CMP). It allows HDCP 2.0 support of bi-directional EDID and HDCP communication using its 4 channel 850nm VCSEL array source. The cable is a hybrid type with OM3 fiber and copper wire.

The versatile Whirlwind PLR Distro series can provide power in a range of connector types and it can be fitted with a custom assortment of input panels, main breaker panels, combo panels, output panels, and power meter/accessories. The custom-made PLRs are built into a self-contained UL listed enclosure. The PLR-SKB02 puts all of this capability into an SKB waterproof case to make it ready for the road.

At press time, the Wyrestorm EXP-CABUSBC-xM launched. This series of USB-C to C cables transmits AV data over standard copper. USB data is powerfully rated up to Superspeed 20 Gbps for fast file transfers or connecting USB 3.0 equipped devices such as conference cameras. The USB-C to C cable supports Alt-Mode, which allows 4K60 video to be transmitted from USB-C laptops or mobile devices. Integrators can link the cables with a WyreStorm Apollo, Synergy Presentation Switcher or IDB In-Desk-Box. The new EXP-CAB-USBC-xM cables support 100W power delivery

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