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Tech Showcase: Cables and Connectors

The latest technology in hard line signal conveyance and interfacing

AV systems and their various components can do wondrous things and for the most part they can make life a lot easier for users and technicians. But all those signals have to pass through some hostile environments and meet up at strange angles in tight spaces to make the system work. The circulatory system of the AV installation lies pretty much out of sight and out of mind, doing its job silently but those cable links and connections are critical. If one goes bad, it can be an adventure tracking down the trouble. The entries here represent the latest technology in hard line signal conveyance and interfacing.

At the user end is the Altinex TNP328, a flush-mountable interconnection panel that can fit right into a conference table or collaboration desk. It is preconfigured with dual 12-amp power outlets from a single AC cable and a selection of the most popular video connection formats. The unit uses a gas spring for smooth operation as it rises with a slight touch from its flush closed state to an elevated angle for best user access. The trim is matte black. The passive cables are 6ft. and are bundled together for organized cable management. The TNP328 offers an elegant and unobtrusive way to access network, power, and video in digital and analog formats.

Atlas Sound AA-YSUM

Atlas Sound has come up with an ingenious solution to a common problem with amplifier installation. Made especially for its AA amplifiers, the AA-YSUM passive summing cable allows two mono sound signals to be derived from one stereo output on a three-position Phoenix/Euro Style connector. The 3ft. cable is perfect for reaching adjacent units in a rack through its internal three resistor network to sum the stereo sound signals. This simple device will enable AV installers to use all of the stereo inputs on an amplifier and send them to any other device in a true additive mono mix.

Atlona AT-LCCS-2CH-2M

Atlona AT-LC-CS-IR

Not the sexiest cable version around but surely great to have when the situation calls for it, the Atlona AT-LC-CS-IR-2M Linkconnect captive screw ready 3.5mm IR cable can make installation of IR controlled devices simple and quick. It is just over 6ft. long and consists of 28AWG conductors, PVC molding, and a nickel-plated connector. The AT-LCCS-2CH-2M Linkconnect captive screw-ready 2-channel unbalanced audio cable goes from pre-stripped wires to gold-plated RCA connectors at the other end for quick installation of unbalanced stereo sound sources or amp inputs. It is the same length as the IR cable and features spiral shielding.

Aurora Multimedia CA0054-1

Among the many cables and adapters offered by Aurora Multimedia are some to make its own products versatile and easy to use. For users of the DIDO Pro quad image scaler, DIDO Jr., and DIDO LT, the CA0022-1 adapter cable allows breakout of the DVI connector to DVI-D and RCA. The CA0020-1 adapter cable can also be used with those systems to breakout the DVI connector to DVI-D and VGA, while the more generic CA0054-1 allows a VGA signal to breakout to YPbPr and composite video on color-coded female RCAs.

Black Box EFN5021

Black Box VCL-HDMIL-003M

Black Box EYRGBS4-0006

Black Box VCH-HDMI-030M

For fiber connections, Black Box Network Services has the EFN5021 MTP 12-fiber fanout cable to connect one end of an MTP Patch Cable to up to 12 individual ports using 12 SC, ST, FC, and MU connectors. Also from Black Box, the EYRGBS4-0006 VGARGBHV Cable enables a VGA signal to be separated into individual red, blue, and green lines in addition to providing horizontal and vertical sync on separate BNC connectors. There is also the VCL-HDMIL line of locking HDMI cables using an integral finger tightened screw. In addition, the company can provide VCH-HDMI hybrid copper/fiber cables with HDMI connectors.

Comprehensive CableCAT6

Comprehensive CablePROAVIT HDMI

Comprehensive CablePROAVIT VGA

Comprehensive CablePlenum Audio

Among the wide range of connection solutions from Comprehensive are the HR Pro series high-resolution plenum cables. The Plenum RCA plug to plug premium audio cable combines its plenum jacket with premium nickel over brass connectors. Inside the cable are 22 AWG stranded copper conductors and a shield of 100 percent aluminum Mylar foil wrap. Also available is the Pro AV/IT Series VGA w/audio HD15 pin cable with stereo 3.5mm mini plug cable for audio. The Pro AV/IT Series High Speed HDMI cables have ProGrip connectors and SureLength indicators, and they are available in a range of colors.

Crestron FT-600

The FT-600 FlipTop Basic from Crestron is a compact and configurable connector pocket with a black anodized or brushed aluminum finish. It mounts in any flat, horizontal surface up to 1¾in. thick and opens with a finger touch. The FT-600 can be configured with grommeted pass-through plates and it can be fitted with up to six Crestron CBLR2 cable retractors. Alternatively, it can have up to four FTA-CP connector plates, and up to four 120V AC (NEMA 5) outlets, or up to two international AC outlets. The combination is completely customizable.

DVIGear DVI-23xxx-FO

DVIGear DVI-26xx-FO

Designed to overcome the limitations of sending digital DisplayPort signals over copper wires, DVIGear’s DVI-26xx-FO Series fiber-optic cables provide unmatched signal fidelity and transparency at resolutions up to 3840×2160 @ 60Hz with lengths up to 130ft. These cables utilize high-speed electro-optical converters integrated in line with the cable. The cable material utilizes an innovative hybrid design that includes 4x glass optical fibers and 6x copper wires. These cables are designed for use in mission-critical applications where image quality and dependability are paramount. The video signals are transmitted over four optical fibers and these cables draw power from the connected DisplayPort source. There are also DVI-23xxx-FO Series fiber-optic cables for HDMI and DVI signals, and they also draw power from the connected source, eliminating the need for an external power supply.

Extron AVEdge 100

In situations where versatile AV interconnection is needed without committing to cut a conference table or podium, Extron has the hardware to suit the task with the new AVEdge 100 Edge Mount Enclosure for AV Connectivity, Data, and Power. The unit accommodates two double-space Architectural Adapter Plates (AAPs) and has cable pass-through brackets for up to eight AV cables, or three retractor cable retraction modules. An integrated clamp system secures the enclosure to the tabletop surface without the need for tools or additional parts. It includes an optional CableCover that minimizes cable tangles and accidental disconnects.

FSR PWB 450 with cover

The latest addition to FSR’s highly successful Project Wall Box line is the PWB-FR-450, a larger-format wall box and the newest member of FSR’s fire-resistant infrastructure product line. The rugged 14-gauge steel back box easily installs between wood or steel studs leaving proper spacing for the door to mount flush with the wall’s surface. Three pre-wired integrated AC outlets aid ease-of-installation and there are knockouts in the top and bottom of the box for cable/conduit entry. Also available is the PWB-450, which is a non-fire-resistant version. The PWB-FR-450 internal bracketry has been designed so one or all of the internal brackets can be removed for custom configurations. Hardware is included.


Gefen supplies a wide variety of adapters for HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort, including the HDMI to DVI Adapter; DVI to HDMI Adapter; HDMI Mate Adapter with Mono-LOK; Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter; Mini-DisplayPort to DVI Adapter; and Mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort. Gefen’s HDMI Mono-LOC cables provide a secure, fixed way of connecting a source to display. They support HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC), which consolidates video, audio, and data streams into a single HDMI connection. They also incorporate a dedicated data channel into the HDMI link.

Hosa Technology CAT-600BK

The durable and thriving market in Cat-6 cable is met by Hosa Technology with its CAT-600BK line of shielded twisted-pair products with maximum EMI and RFI rejection, performance up to 550MHz, and backward compatibility with Cat-5 and Cat-3 standards. The four twisted-pairs are stranded 24 AWG copper with foil plus braided shielding, and they are available in length ranging from 5ft. to 100ft. Also available is the wide range of high-speed HDMI cables with Ethernet in various lengths and with conversion among standard HDMI, DVI, and mini and micro HDMI.

Kramer Electronics CP-AOCH

Kramer Electronics has an HDMI cable that needs no extenders or extra power supplies. It is the CP-AOCH plug-and-play HDMI active optical cable (AOC) and it supports resolutions up to 4K/Ultra HD over long cable runs, up to 320ft. Consisting of four optical fibers and six copper wires, the thin, flexible (6mm bend radius) cable is easy to run and the conveyance operates on HDMI bus power. The AOCH is plenum rated with pull strength of 110lbs. It is available in lengths from 33ft. to 328ft.

Legrand Evolution Series 10-inch Poke-Thru

Versatile connectivity is hidden only a few inches away by the Evolution Series 10in. Poke-Thru Device from Legrand. Older and modern AV sources can have their cabling side by side with eight gangs of connectivity. The improved cover design includes auto-close egress doors that lock into position when slid open and wrap around cables when cover is closed—reducing trip hazards. Everything is recessed below floor level with enough room for cabling to flex and bend. It is suitable for use in air handling spaces and it meets ADA accessibility guidelines.

Metz Connect M12 8-Pole D-Coded

Metz Connect M12 8-Pole

Metz Connect Fiber optic ST OS2

Metz Connect Fiber optic SC-D OS2

With a wealth of fiber-optic products in both single and multi-mode types, Metz Connect offers a wide range of fiber-optic patch cables with LC-D, SC-D, ST, and E2000 connector types and in lengths ranging from 1 meter to 10 meters. The Ethernet M12 plug series has been especially designed and compiled for data transmission systems in industrial environments. The M12 8-pole D-Coded shielded Ethernet connection line uses extrusion-coated cable with an inner sheath FRNC, aluminum-coated plastic foil. The variants are in 1-, 2-, 5-and 10-meter lengths and they are available with an RJ-45 on one end. The company also offers a wide range of copper installation cables in Cat-5, Cat-5e, Cat-6, and Cat-7.

Neutrik QUAD

Neutrik CAT6A

The new etherCON Cat6A line from Neutrik includes a cable carrier complete with a Cat-6A RJ45 connector, feedthrough D-size chassis connectors, and IDC-termination D-size connectors. The chassis connectors are available in three finishes: nickel, black, and a weatherized version for an IP65-rated connection when mated to the cable carrier. Neutrik’s new etherCON Cat6A is fully downward-compatible with etherCON Cat5. Neutrik’s etherCON Cat6A is PoE+ compliant to 802.3at Type2. Its opticalCON QUAD cable is based on the proven opticalCON DUO connection system but with four channels it is optimized for Point-to-Point interconnections and multi-channel routing applications. The new 10-pin data and power XLR connector is for transmitting four twisted-pairs of data at Cat-5e performance plus up to 16A of power @ 50V using two dedicated power pins. The cable connectors for the new 10-pin XLR line are based on Neutrik’s latest-generation XX series.

Opticis HDFC-100

Opticis SDIX-100-TR

Ease of installation is a key feature that Opticis promotes with its new active optical cable, HDFC-100. The cable extends WUXGA (1920×1200) at 60Hz or 1080p at 60Hz while running on 5V HDMI bus power, needing no external power supplies. It can carry HDMI video up to 164ft. on the hybrid cable. For fiber-optic 3G-SDI digital video transmission, Opticis has the SDIX-100-TR for transmitting one channel of multi-rate SDI including SMPTE-424M (3G-SDI), SMPTE-292M, or SMPTE-259M serial digital video signals up to 30 kilometers through either single-mode or multi-mode fiber.





Two stars in the Format-A system from RDL are the D-TPS3A sender and the D-TPS3R receiver, and they convey a balanced mic (XLR) signal with phantom power and two (L/R) RCA audio signals over twisted-pair. Designed to mount in RDL WB-1U and WB-2U wall boxes, or in standard U.S. electrical boxes, these wall modules also feature a rear-panel gain switch to set the amplification of the microphone preamplifier. The D-CIJ3 is a complete unbalanced line-level audio input module that can input stereo or mono audio with transformer isolation and unbalanced to balanced signal conversion. The D-SH1M is a stereo headphone amplifier with balanced or unbalanced input and switchable input sensitivity.

Rose Electronics Ultracable

Having a web of cables is a problem, especially where multiple computers are used but Rose Electronics has a solution with its UltraCable, an all-in-one cable that incorporates KVM connectivity. The DB25 connector secures to the switch with thumbscrews and the back of the connector is reinforced to prevent flexing damage. The cable uses shielded coax to prevent crosstalk between adjacent signals. For distances greater than 100ft., the UltraCable interfaces with ViewLink to extend KVMs up to 250ft. away.

SnapAV Binary-B6-HDMI

The Binary B6 HDMI cables from SnapAV are 4K ultra HD compatible with 50 percent shorter connector heads and patented Griptek technology to assure solid connectivity. This can require up to 6lbs. of pulling force to unplug. They can also fit into tight places at the inputs of video gear without binding and tangling. The flexible jacket allows a tighter bend radius while the integrated circuit inside equalizes the HDMI signal for runs up to 30 meters. Binary HDMI cables are available in a wide assortment of lengths and bulk packs.

Switchcraft VPP24K3HD75T

Switchcraft Modular DB25 cables

When different connectors are needed after the cable is run, the Modular DB25 breakout cable from Switchcraft can be used for upgrades. XLR can be changed to TRS as quickly as the DB25 can be disconnected and reconnected. The metal shell provides durable protection at the critical multi-pin interface point. Also from Switchcraft, the VPP Series standard video patchbays meet SMPTE 424M specification and are available in normalled/non-normalled and 75Ω terminated/non-terminated configurations. Clients can also choose between terminated or non-terminated, 24 or 26 jacks, 1.75in., or 3.5in. height.

Whirlwind Broadcast Reel/Snake Combo

The broadcast reel/snake combos from Whirlwind come in two sizes and they are stackable with plenty of customization options on number of pairs and length of cable. The WD-7 and WD-7D have lockable casters and built-in connector plates that can be custom wired, and some models have a tray on the bottom for storing the stage box. All of these reel combos are built tough and made in the United States.

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