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The AMK SA872 8in. polypropylene speakers feature a one-wire connection, white snap-on metal grille, and swivel mounting systems to speed installation. Recommended for indoor and outdoor environments, both speakers are weather- and water-resistant. The units include a 40W power handling at 8 ohms, 55Hz-22kHz frequency response, 5.5kHz crossover frequency, 110-degree coverage, and 91dB SPL. The difference between the SA802 and SA872 models are their depths of 11.75in. and 8.25in. Additionally, transformer switch taps are located on the front.

Environment-resistant SM Series loudspeaker systems from AtlasIED consist of an efficient woofer section and 1in. exit high-frequency compression driver. Vocal and musical clarity is optimized by the AtlasIED TRX Control WaveGuide high frequency director. The SM82T includes an internally mounted 60-watt 70.7V/100V line matching transformer with 8-ohm bypass and screwdriver adjustable tap selection for use in distributed sound applications. To withstand the harshest environments, the Strategy Series SM82T surface-mount loudspeakers are constructed of weather resistant materials: UV-resistant, talc impregnated, polypropylene injection molded cabinets; polypropylene woofer cones; powder-coated aluminum grilles and all-brass hardware.


The Bose FreeSpace DS 100SE is a surface-mount loudspeaker designed for foreground music and speech reproduction in a wide range of installed applications, both indoors and out. It features a rotatable array that delivers a 180-degree by 75-degree coverage pattern and a frequency range down to 60 Hz. The loudspeaker features two 2.25in. Twiddler drivers and a single 5.25in. woofer in a ported enclosure designed for surface-mounted foreground and background music and paging applications. Mounting hardware allows for horizontal and vertical orientation with adjustable pitch or yaw.


Community Professional designed the WX-1500 15in. high performance two-way point source loudspeaker for outdoor direct exposure and permanent installation in all environments. Available in six rotatable horn patterns, the WX models have a large diaphragm 1.4in. exit high-frequency compression driver to produce big sound in a small enclosure. Internal components have Community’s proprietary Envirotech coating for improved weather-resistance. All of the WX models are available in black or white finish and mounting brackets are included.


The Crestron Saros PD6T is a 2-way pendant speaker featuring a 6-1/2in. woofer and wide-dispersion, horn-loaded 1in. dome tweeter. A built-in 60 Watt multi-tap transformer allows for use with 70 and 100 Volt distributed speaker systems. Power handling at 8 ohms is 125 Watts (program), with a wide frequency response from 50 Hz to 20 kHz (±3 dB). The Saros PD6T is designed to be suspended from a ceiling truss in an open-ceiling environment. Weatherized construction allows for use in outdoor entertainment venues, patios, and swimming pools. To facilitate installation, a 10ft. length of wire rope with attached snap hook is supplied. Securing the wire rope to the truss and adjusting it to the desired length is accomplished using the provided Gripple self-locking wire rope grip.


The Danley J6-42 Jericho Horn uses Danley’s Paraline High Density (PHD) technology to deliver 6-8dB more output and lower lows than the J3-64. Its narrow, well-defined 40x20 beam-width and small footprint make the J6-42 a good solution for end-fired scoreboard hangs or any situation where long throws and high output are paramount. The J6-42 combines eight 1.4in. drivers, eight 6in. drivers, and eight 10in. drivers into a single phase-coherent, point-source output. It is tri-amplified and uses Danley’s Synergy crossover design. The three bands combine to produce a flat and phase coherent frequency response between 50Hz and 7kHz (+/- 3dB). Sentinel Limiter circuitry protects the drivers from damage, and the drivers themselves are designed for longevity. Sturdy 18mm birch protected by a polyurea coating makes the J6-42 weather resistant, and an optional fiberglass resin finish makes it weatherproof.


The D.A.S. Audio WR-8826TFX employs twin 6B woofers for low frequency reproduction. A 1in. annular diaphragm compression driver provides brilliant highs. The birch plywood cabinet construction offers an ultracompact design which is available in black or white. The WR-8826TFX has been designed for the outdoor installation market. The WR “FX” finish protects the cabinets from the elements thanks to a fiberglass exterior and ISO-flex interior protection augmenting their weather resistance when used in direct-exposure situations. Stainless steel threaded rigging points and optional mounting hardware are available.


Designed for outdoor use, the Nocturne projection screen from Draper is available in a motorized version (Nocturne Series E) or as a crank operated model (Nocturne Series C). Both are equipped with a weather resistant solid aluminum head box that includes an installation hinge. They ship in sizes from 65in. to 133in. diagonal with standard cable guides and a weighted dowel. Among the surfaces that can be specified are Matte White, Contrast Grey, ClearSound Perf, ClearSound White Weave, and ClearSound Grey Weave.


The EAW QX596i offers high output and broadband pattern control for a wide variety of installation scenarios with its four Phase Aligned 12in. LF cones, 2in. exit MF compression driver, and its 2in. exit HF compression driver. The three-way trapezoidal enclosure exhibits 55Hz-25kHz frequency response with power handling of 2000W at 2 ohms and 1000W at 4 ohms. Calculated maximum long term output is 136W on the LF components and 133W on the passive MF/HF section. The nominal coverage pattern is 90 degrees by 60 degrees.


The Electro-Voice EVID-S series includes 4in., 5.25in., and 8in. 2-way models with matching dual-10in. and single 12in. subwoofers, making it easy to select a suitable model a specific space. All EVID-S models offer Electro-Voice-engineered components for superior sound quality, low-profile looks, and robust reliability for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. These include retail environments, hospitality settings such as bars, lounges, patios, pool areas, and restaurants; conference and meeting rooms, fitness clubs, performing arts and sports venues, and houses of worship. The series offers true weatherproof construction for outdoor spaces, confirmed by extensive and rigorous testing. All models are paintable and IP54 certified for weather resistance; an IP65 weatherproof version is available for the 5.25in. loudspeaker cabinet and the 10in. subwoofer models.


The Holosonics Audio Spotlight AS-24i offers the strongest output and deepest low frequency response of all models. It is designed to compete with noisier environments or areas requiring more coverage, making it great for museums, trade shows, supermarkets, outdoor applications, and many retail environments. It easily replaces standard 2x2ft. ceiling tile with no additional hardware. It includes a built-in microSD player, and balanced and unbalanced audio inputs are standard. Bluetooth and motion sensor options are available, and it has a standard VESA100 mounting pattern.


The JBL Control 28-1 is a two-way 8in. speaker with rich sonic character, wide and consistent coverage, versatile mounting, and a contemporary high-design look that fits into a wide range of decors. The Control 28-1 is designed for a wide variety of applications, including retail stores, restaurants, health clubs, theme parks, educational facilities, hospitality, music cafes, leisure venues, and anywhere where a top quality high-output indoor/outdoor foreground/background music (and/or paging) speaker is required.


The Leyard VersaLight Series is a highly versatile family of LED video wall displays that can turn even the most challenging environments into dramatic, inspirational video walls. With pixel pitches ranging from 2.5 to 8 millimeters, this new modular line of indoor and outdoor LED digital signage displays offers stunning picture quality and ultra-reliable performance.


The Lowell 150W indoor-outdoor loudspeaker is made for applications requiring pattern control. The horn loaded compression driver controls high frequency dispersion for systems requiring longer throws or using live microphones. The enclosure is a weather-resistant, UV-resistant polypropylene that can be painted to suit the installation’s needs. The grille is a weather and UV-resistant powder coated aluminum mesh grille in black. An adjustable, black, U-shaped bracket for horizontal or vertical installation allows the speaker to rotate 90 degrees, depending on install orientation. 


For high-power outdoor installations in which the speaker enclosure is sheltered from direct exposure to the elements, Martin Audio has the CDD15WR Weatherized High Output Coaxial Differential Dispersion System. Housed in a UPM Formi composite enclosure, the unit has been tested to meet IP54 requirements while producing a frequency response of 55Hz to 18kHz ± 3dB. Handling 400W AES and 1600W peak power, it has a nominal 8Ω impedance and it can be purchased in black or white finish. The protective grille is zinc-plated mild steel with powder-coated finish and a weatherized backing.


NEC’s direct view outdoor LED displays provide clear images for the ultimate visual experience through 24bit color processing and color matched LEDs. Optimum display resolution can be achieved regardless of viewing distance with pixel spacing options from 5.8mm to 12mm; plus, the front and rear serviceable module allows easy access and quick maintenance when needed. Designed for vibrant and colorful content visualization, the NEC direct view outdoor LED series is the ideal solution for marquees, public spaces, roadside signage, parking garages, live event venues, and airports or train stations. The IP65 rated housing ensures the display will continue running even in extreme environments.


Ideal for mass transit applications where sustainability and durability are key, PeerlessAV’s fully sealed Xtreme High Bright display is equipped with a high TNI panel and 1500 nits minimum. The Xtreme High Bright display provides a bright, crisp picture, even in direct sunlight, while IPS panel technology provides color accuracy at every angle. The patented Dynamic Thermal Transfer system allows the display to operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -22°F to 122°F. For mission-critical applications such as transportation settings where a disruption in content streaming is highly problematic, the Xtreme High Bright display offers remote monitoring and control features to access the health and wellness of the display from anywhere.


The Peerless-AV Xtreme Outdoor Soundbar (SPK-080) is an all-season solution for outdoor audio entertainment. This is the next generation of Peerless-AV’s line of outdoor soundbars, equipped with 200 watts of total system power, making it vigorous enough to overcome ambient noise found in outdoor settings. With an IP65 rating, the new Xtreme Outdoor Soundbar can withstand even the most extreme environments. For ease of use and installation, the new soundbar features a universal mounting option and both analog and optical connections, making it possible to integrate with any display or TV. Plus, set-up is simple with a direct-wired connection.


The PixelFLEX FLEXStorm is designed to withstand adverse weather conditions and provide a dependable outdoor LED display option. FLEXStorm can be used as outdoor advertising, entertainment, and more. Displays can be updated from anywhere with the click of a button using cloud-based content management. The IP-65 fully rated outdoor product is key to guaranteeing the longevity of an outdoor LED display billboard. FLEXStorm has brightness offerings between 6500-7500 Nits, providing variable brightness for any condition day or night. It is fully adjustable to the surrounding outdoor conditions via sensors that talk with the screens, control system, making sure the screen looks best at all times of the day. FLEXStorm utilizes data and power connections that are fully water tight, allowing for stable and reliable connections between each outdoor LED display cabinet.


The PreSonus WorxAudio S-XL5 is a weather-resistant option for larger stadiums and athletic complexes. It delivers a 160-degree horizontal by 40-degree vertical dispersion pattern in demanding environments such as football and soccer fields, baseball stadiums, and amusement parks. The wide dispersion reduces the quantity of enclosures needed to provide consistent coverage and minimize comb filtering and related audible anomalies, with output up to 147 dB SPL. Using 10 8in., 800W cone drivers and five 1.4in. compression drivers in a tuned, curved enclosure, the S-X5 provides a symmetrical coverage pattern, ensuring the sound has minimal distortion and smooth, extended low frequency response. It is available as a passive system.


QSC’s AcousticDesign Series consists of surface-mount, ceiling-mount, and pendant mount models, all of which are sonically consistent so that any combination of these speakers can be used in a single sound environment. The ceiling-mounted units have snap-fit magnetic grilles while the surface mounted speakers use the X-Mount Surface Mounting System. The pendant-mounted units can operate in 70/100V distributed speaker systems or in their 160-ohm bypass mode. The Directivity Matched Transition (DMT) Waveguide provides a smooth transition from low to high frequencies and a more uniform dispersion.


RCF’s GS60 weatherproof speaker, an IP-56 rated outdoor speaker, is suitable for gardens, patios, pool areas and other public spaces. The GS60 features a coaxial transducer with a 5.25in. woofer and 1.2in. high frequency tweeter. The coaxial design enhances sound quality and provides the necessary low frequency response to reproduce music accurately. Frequency response range is 60 Hz – 20 kHz. The GS60 offers a maximum SPL of 111 dB. The high output enables the GS60 to cover a wide soundfield area. The cabinet is made of a low-density polyethylene designed to protect the transducer from the elements and built to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions. The design also protects the components from rain, snow, dust, and dirt, with the ability to remain installed year round. The cabinet is a UV-rated green molded shell which blends in to garden architecture. The design also allows the speaker to be placed in a variety of surfaces including wood and concrete, as well as planted in the ground.


The Rockustics’ MusicGarden landscape loudspeakers are part of the MusicGarden system, sold as a package that includes four MG4 satellite speakers, and one MG SUB8 subwoofer. Additional MG4 satellites can be added to expand the size of the system. Designed to provide discreet, directional audio in an attractive enclosure, the MusicGarden system consists of four spike-mounted satellite speakers featuring high-powered 4in. coaxial 2-way drivers, and one in-ground subwoofer with a high-excursion 8in. woofer. An additional two satellite speakers can be added to expand the low-voltage, low-impedance system. Installation applications include outdoor living spaces, pool areas, courtyards, gardens, and commercial spaces.


The Sonance Professional Series SurfaceMount speakers feature Sonance’s FastMount bracket and a front cable connection and tap selector to speed up the installation process and provide a clean appearance. The weather resistant construction is IPX4, Mil Spec 810, and UV IEC 529, allowing them to be used in either indoor or outdoor applications. They are available in both black and white (paintable) in 4in., 5.25in., 6.5in., and 8in. 2-way and an 8in. woofer with UL 1480 and UL 2239 certification.


The SunBriteTV Pro Series Model is designed for permanent outdoor installation, featuring EST Technology to guard against isotropic blackout and an ultra-bright 1,000- NIT panel that provides high readability in any lighting. The 32in. Pro Series model is durabile, with its ruggedized, tempered glass shield to protect the LED screen and watertight cable entry systems. All Pro Series displays are equipped with a powder-coated aluminum exterior to protect against rust and prevent inclement weather conditions, including rain, snow, dust, salt corrosion, and insects from affecting internal electronics. SunBriteTV’s Pro Series is designed to perform in temperatures from -40 degrees F up to 122 degrees F.


The Yamaha VXL series line array speaker systems are slim cabinets, at 54 millimeters wide, that blend with any interior while providing top-quality sound for speech, as well as full-range frequency response with extended lows for music reproduction. The VXL series lineup includes six models of varying size and color, accommodating a wide range of applications. A range of optional hardware is available for flexible installation. A rear-panel switch allows vertical dispersion to be set to 20 degrees or 40 degrees. Sound pressure level and coverage can be further adjusted as required by combining models with different numbers of driver units, expanding the range of potential applications. An IP35 water and dust resistance rating makes the VXL series suitable for outdoor use too.




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