Tech Showcase: Power Amplifiers

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The advances in technology surrounding power amplifiers have been dramatic with more multichannel features, onboard DSP and significant strides in power efficiency. Amplifiers have become smart machines and what was not so long ago the weak link in sound systems with wear and failure rates second only to mic cables has now become a steady rock on which designers and operators can depend. The models shown here have helped to bring sound system amplification to a sophisticated new level.


The ALR-AMP-8 8-zone power amplifier from AMX features 16 audio distribution channels and Class D power amplification and it houses all of this in a 1RU black metal enclosure with a black matte finish. The amp has output power of 40 watts per channel at 8 ohms/160 watts at 8 ohms bridged. All 16 input connectors are RCA terminals and each speaker output connection is captive wire. The ALR-AMP can be turned on or placed in standby mode externally via a 12V trigger signal from a remote AV control system. The thermal overload indicator signal can be used to send a thermal message from the amp to an external controller.

Ashly Audio TRA-4150

The Class-D power supplies and convection cooling make efficiency, low maintenance and quiet operation primary features of the Ashly TRA Multi-Mode amplifier line. Capable of driving 4 ohm or 8 ohm loads and 25V or 70V and 100V constant voltage lines simultaneously, these amps have a six-step LED meter for each channel. The level controls are mounted on the rear panel along with gain switching buttons and Euroblock input connector and output ports. All models have internally mounted constant voltage transformers and extensive protection circuitry.

AtlasIED DPA804

The DPA804 800W Dante networkable 4-channel power amplifier from AtlasIED can be configured in three different amplification arrangements. It can be used as a 70.7V commercial power amplifier with no initial setup or configured for two zone stereo in its four-channel mode with either 4 ohm or 8 ohm load impedances. The amp can also be configured with two of its channels as a 70.7V/100V paging/background system while the other two channels are used for 4 ohm/8 ohm foreground stereo. It features four balanced line inputs and an accessory slot for an optional DPA-DAC4 4-channel Dante receiver card or a DPA-AMIX (2) mic/line and (2) AUX input card, for a total of eight inputs.

Aurora DTX-AMP1

Introduced by Aurora as the first of its kind in a PoE++ 2x35W Dante/AES67 amplifier with DSP and IP control, the DTXAMP1 integrates IP control and audio DSP functionality including parametric equalization, noise reduction, mixing, volume control and audio ducking. One of its two balanced L/R audio inputs can be selected as 2 separate L/R unbalanced inputs. It also features a L/R balanced line output, S/PDIF, and L/R amplifier output. The DTX-AMP1 can provide up to 60W power depending on the class of PoE that is used. The amp has an integrated web server for remote IP control and setup, an integrated IR receiver and its control ports include RS-232, IR Output, Digital I/O and relays.

Biamp AMP-450P

The Tesira AMP-450P from Biamp Systems is a four channel PoE+ conferencing amplifier. The output channels are software configurable, including selectable power versus channel count. The AMP-450P includes an internal limiter and is capable of providing 3W continuous power to all four channels. The Tesira AMP-450P is also capable of operating in a burst mode to handle peak signals, providing up to 50W (4 ohms) or 30W (8 ohms) per channel.

Bogen Black Max X600

The Bogen Black Max Series amplifiers can send 300W, 450W or 600W into their dual transformer-less 70V outputs and its power sequencing inputs eliminate current inrush trouble. Auto Sleep Mode works during sustained operation to reduce power consumption. These units are cooled by continuously variable speed fans and DC, overload, short circuit, thermal protection and clip limiting circuits all assure smooth operation. Each unit has a heavy gauge steel chassis with a cast aluminum front panel. Each channel input includes sensitivity switches, low-cut filter and level controls.

Crest Audio ProTour

Crest Audio’s new Class D ProTour Series features onboard DSP, Dante network connectivity and USB/ Ethernet connectivity for monitoring and control. The series consists of four models: the ProTour 8004d 4-channel amplifier with 2000W per channel into 4 ohms or 70/100V direct drive, the 5002d 2-channel amplifier with 2500W per channel, the 4004d 4-channel amplifier with 1000W per channel and the 3003d 3-channel amplifier with 1000W per channel. The clip/limiter function provides gentle gain reduction at the clip threshold to prevent damage. The Dante network module enables primary and redundant connectivity to a digital audio network and allows external control and monitoring.

Crestron AMP-2210T

With the AMP-2210T twin channel 220W amplifier, Crestron has installed features that allow the unit to do very well in applications requiring reliable power in a small space. Using only a single rack space, the amp has outputs configurable via a simple selector switch to handle either low-Z or constant-voltage speaker systems. Each channel is rated for 210W at 4 ohms or 120W at 8 ohms, 70V, or 100V. The channels may be bridged to provide 420W at 8 ohms. It is also convection cooled to have very quiet operation in a rack, credenza or table top.

Crown CDi DriveCore 4300

At InfoComm Harman Professional Solutions launched new members of the Crown DriveCore Install DA Series of amplifiers. These newest members of Crown’s flagship line of networked install amplifiers feature support for Dante and AES67 networked audio at lower wattage than existing DA Series amplifiers.

For applications that require Dante or AES67 networked audio, the Crown DCi DA Series provides a balanced combination of output power, channel count and speaker load flexibility along with proprietary DriveCore technology for efficiency and audio quality. This brings Crown’s power handling to even more distributed amplifier applications as well as applications that have standardized on Dante for networked audio transport. Compatible with Dante Domain Manager.

Denon DN-508A

The Denon DN-508A is an 8-channel zone Class-D amplifier with each channel rated at 55W RMS on Eurobloc connectors. On the front panel, each channel has a level control and an active/peak LED indicator. The LED lights blue to indicate a normal level and red when the signal is peaking at or above 0dB. The amp can be configured to run either low impedance or 70/100V loads with a dynamic range of 95dB and channel separation of 60dB. It has a Frequency Response of 85 Hz to 20 kHz at -3 dB and the front panel includes a voltage selector switch.

Dynacord C3600FDi

The C-Series amplifiers from Dynacord are 2-channel units engineered for constant stability at 2 ohms on the load. The onboard DSP offers multi-band PEQs, crossovers, limiters and delay per channel. Its control software allows up to 16 amp channels to be controlled and monitored simultaneously. There is also protection circuitry, remote GPIO control and a standby power mode that reduces power consumption up to 90%. Four different models are available, with a total output power ranging from 1300 W to 3600 W at 4 ohms. They also provide true channel grouping control with extra DSP capabilities such as PEQ, GEQ (graphic equalizer), and delay for each group.

Extron XPA 4002

The Extron XTRA Series XPA 4002 ENERGY STAR qualified power amp has two channels each of which output 400W RMS for low impedance and 70V speaker systems. Designed with Extron’s patented CDRS (Class D Ripple Suppression) technology, they deliver smooth, reliable power. The unit is a 1RU chassis that is convection cooled for quiet operation and its ultra-low inrush current eliminates the need for power sequencing. The XPA 4002 powers 400W through each channel at 4 ohms while the XPA 4002- 70V provides the 400W at 70V.

Galaxy Audio G-1200

At the top of the line of the G Series amplifiers from Galaxy Audio is the G-1200 with 660W from each of its two channels at 4 ohms and 1200W in bridged mode. Twistlock connectors secure the power outputs and the inputs have both XLR and TRS jacks. The 2RU fan-cooled unit has thermal, short and DC protection with front panel mounted level controls. Each channel also has LED indicators for signal presence, clipping, limit and bridge. There is also a red LED on the power switch.

JBL CSA-2120

The CSA2120 2-channel power amplifier from JBL provides 120W at 4/8 ohms on each output channel and its convection cooled design operates very quietly delivering high power for the amp’s weight. There are summing RCA inputs for each channel and the unit’s auto standby mode works to save power by disabling the amplifier pulse width modulation generator when there is no input signal. Inputs and outputs have detachable Eurobloc connectors and between these is a small DIP switch with settings for high pass filters, limiters and the auto standby function.

Lab gruppen PLM-5K44

Flexibility in configuration is the key with the Lab.gruppen PLM 5K44 4-channel amplifier featuring its LAKE Digital Signal Processing and Dante digital audio networking. The 5000W power capability, using Rational Power Management (RPM), can be arranged into its various outputs for up to 2000W on any channel. Other functions include onboard surveillance and load monitoring, 100 user presets, fans with temperature control for optimal speed and reduced noise, removable dust filter grilles for increased air circulation, dual redundant Dante interfaces and remote configuration via LAKE Controller and Dante Controller software.

Martin Audio iK42

Martin Audio combined high power density, multi-channel operation, onboard DSP and network operation in the iKON iK42. The Class-D 2RU unit can put up to 5000W into each of its 4 channels at 2 ohms while using Ethernet for remote system control and Dante digital audio network inputs along with analog and AES3. It provides 96kHz DSP on all inputs and outputs and its global mains operation has 85V to 240V auto-sensing. The front panel includes notification, comprehensive status indicators and menu control displays.

Powersoft Ottocanali 12K4 DSP+D

For the ultimate in high powered multi-zone control, the Powersoft Ottocanali 12K4 8-channel power amp can deliver up to 12,000W into 4 ohms. This model can run any combination of low impedance loudspeakers, mono-bridgeable channel pairs and 70V/100V high impedance distributed lines. For added reliability there are redundant universal switch mode power supplies, switchable main/aux signal inputs, alarms, GPI/O and monitoring functions. Power sequencing is unnecessary due to the Low Inrush Limiting that reduces AC inrush current. Other features include clip limiting along with DC, short circuit and thermal protection.

QSC ISA 1350

The dual channel ISA1350 amplifier from QSC puts 1500W onto 70V lines and its rear panel gain controls have 2dB detents next to the XLR and Eurobloc input connectors. Between the inputs is a bank of mode control DIP switches. The automatic on-demand variable-speed fan and Class H complementary bipolar output circuitry work to reduce power draw. On the front panel are LED indicators for power, signal, clip and protection. Included are selectable high-pass filters (30/70Hz) and stereo, bridge and parallel operating modes.


RCF puts up to 1400W into each of the two channels in their HPS 2500 class H pro power amplifier at 2 ohms using SpeakOn ports for the output connections. Configurable in mono, stereo and bridge modes, the 2RU unit has a switchable limiter and the front panel has signal, clipping and protect LED indicators with level control knobs. Bridged output into 8 ohms is 2200W RMS. The fans have variable speed control and the air filters can be easily removed for cleaning. The rear panel includes the individual XLR input connectors, limiter switches and an Input sensitivity / voltage gain selector for each channel.


For small, compact yet versatile amplifier hardware, the HD-RA35UA from RDL is a four input audio mixer amp with a 35W output and a 4W output for dual zone operation and the whole unit goes into sleep mode when an input signal is not present. Input 1 is usually connected to a paging source and the Zone 1 amplifier output level for inputs 2, 3 and 4 is VCA controlled using various optional RDL remote controls. The Zone 1 output provides a constant voltage output (25 V, 70 V or 100 V). The Zone 2 amplifier output drives an 8 ohm speaker and/ or 600 ohm telephone equipment. Input 2 is switch selectable between mic and line. The mic position also provides phantom power.

Renkus-Heinz SA Series

Introduced by Renkus-Heinz at InfoComm 2017, the SA Series amplifiers have been designed to eventually allow all Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers to be combined, with full networking, RHAON II control and monitoring, and connection via a choice of analog, AES/EBU, or Dante single or redundant network input. Their native DSP capability includes delay, equalization, multichannel limiting, and noise reduction, with nine available preset memories.

Speco Technologies P500A

The Speco Technologies P500A Class-D amp applies its 500W power output to either 70V or 8-ohm loads at its Phoenix terminal connector. Just above that on the rear panel it provides an auxiliary XLR audio output connection. The line input is a balanced XLR and there is also a balanced audio input on screw terminals. The front panel provides power control and ON indicator LED, protect, signal presence and clip LEDs along with a level control. The main power supply of the P500A can detect power failures and overheating. If the P500A power supply detects a circuit overload, or if a short circuit occurs, the unit will automatically shut down.

TOA Electronics DA-500F-HL

Each channel of the TOA DA-500F-HL 4-channel power amplifier has an independent power section that enables separate control, status monitoring, protection and fan operation. It sends 500W RMS power into each output channel at 8 ohms or 70V and the amp circuit features protection for DC output, overheating, load shorting, overload current and maximum output. The 2RU chassis includes a front panel of black aluminum and the durable case is plated steel sheet.

Yamaha NXAMP4x1mk2

Yamaha’s new Nexo NXAMP4x2 MK2 and NXAMP4x1 MK2 amplifiers are 2RU units that have front panel touch screen control for array EQ, mute and meters, EQ detail, user EQ, inputs, load monitoring, log, scene, setup, system headroom, as well as volume, gain and delays. NEXO proprietary NeMo system management software connects through a dual Ethernet port. Four high-end analog inputs use cascaded converters and four digital inputs are available through the rear panel expansion card slot offering optional AES/EBU, EtherSound, Dante or AES67 inputs. The amps provide 4 x 1300W and 4 x 2500W at 2 ohms.




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