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Advances in ceiling speakers deliver intelligibility, quality, and often network capability, while streamlining installation even when challenged by weather, retrofit restrictions, and power

The AMK SA872 8in. polypropylene speakers feature a one-wire connection, white snap-on metal grille, and swivel mounting systems to speed installation. Recommended for indoor and outdoor environments, both speakers are weather- and water-resistant. The units include a 40W power handling at 8Ω, 55Hz-22kHz frequency response, 5.5kHz crossover frequency, 110-degree coverage, and 91dB SPL. The difference between the SA802 and SA872 models are their depths of 11.75in. and 8.25in. Additionally, transformer switch taps are located on the front.

Bogen HFSF1 4in. 4in small-footprint celing speakers can be installed in a wide range of ceiling types and are for 70V low-impedance systems. These speakers bring frontmounted selectable power taps (six settings), 150-degree dispersion, and a frequency response of 78Hz-20kHz. Quick wiring is possible with removable plug-in connector, which provides loop-through terminals. Also, the HFSF1 provides a steel terminal cover and two mounting screws. An optional 10ft. suspension cable is recommended as a safety backup.

Due to its Tru-Phase waveguide, the D8 8in. two-way, coaxial speaker system from Community Professional produces a consistent, wide dispersion pattern up to 16kHz. It has a frequency response of 80Hz- 20kHz (±5dB) and can be used in either 8Ω or 70V/100V modes plus the Drop-Stop and Twist-Assist tabs allow for fast assembly. The D8 brings external loop-through Euroblock connectors, tile bridge support rails using C-ring plates, integrated cable clamps, and optional conduit knockouts to help with wiring.

Featuring a wide, horn-loaded 1in. dome tweeter, Crestron’s SAROS IC8T 8in. two-way coaxial speaker provides a 60W multi-tap transformer to use with both 70 and 100V systems. It has a frequency response from 50Hz-20kHz (±3dB), a nominal coverage pattern of 95 degrees, and a power handling of 150W at 8Ω. The IC8T model has a zero-bezel frameless grille to provide a clean, contemporary appearance and brings twostep toggle clamps for easy installation. The unit includes tile bridge for drop-tile ceiling installation.

EAW’s CIS300 two-way speaker is designed for fixed installations with its 4in. LF driver and 1in. cloth dome tweeter. It features a horizontal coverage angle of 140 degrees and vertical coverage angle of 124 degrees with a max SPL of 102dB..Supplied with a 70/100V line transformer, power is adjustable from a selection of 30W, 15W, 7.5W, and 3.7W taps. A second switch engages a 16Ω tap for lowimpedance amps or a 150Hz high-pass filter. Integrated mounting system and hardware is included.

 Designed for high-ceiling applications, Electro-Voice’s EVID C8.2HC 8in. twoway coaxial speaker has dual integrated waveguides that provide directivity control to 1kHz. The C8.2HC uses a 70/100V configuration, can be run at 8Ω,.and has a frequency response of 50Hz-20kHz (-10dB)Its 75-degree coverage pattern covers the same area when used in a 21ft. ceiling as in an 8ft. ceiling. The included tile bridge and mounting ring speed installation for different ceiling styles and ported enclosure that extends bass response.

The Extron SF 3CT LP 3in. celing speaker features a 4in. low-profile back can for tight spaces such as air ducts installed close to the ceiling. This model offers both 8Ω and 70/100V modes with a behind-the-grille, six-position power selector switch. With a frequency response Electro- Voice EVID C8.2HC EAW CIS300 of 65Hz-20kHz and 165-degrees conical dispersion, the SF 3CT LP has a power rating of 32W continuous program. The unit includes Opti-Torque indicator rings, modular V-rails, and two C-rings for easy installation.

Built for small rooms and hallways, the JBL SP6CSII produces two-channel stereo sound from a single speaker and can also save space in home theater setups. The 6in. titanium-laminate swivel-mount cones deliver higher output levels and use 100W of power at 8Ω because of their rubber surround. Included are integrated dog-ear brackets to accommodate retrofit applications, while rough-in frames are available separately. With a frequency range down to 40Hz (-10dB), the SP6CSII model uses the JBL EOS waveguide for even distribution.

Klipsch designed the CDT-2800-C II 8in. low-profile polypropylene speaker with a 1in. silk dome tweeter matched to a Tractrix Horn. The tweeter swivels 100 degrees, while the woofer rotates 360 degrees and pivots 15 degrees in any direction. The CDT-2800-C II comes with 50W RMS/200W peak power handling, 65Hz-20kHz (±3dB) frequency response, and has an 8Ω nominal impedance. Its SlimTrim magnetic grilles attach securely to eliminate resonant distortion and are paintable. Comes with Sure-Grip mounting dogs for fast drywall installation.

The Galil 8-CO from Kramer Electronics is a pair of 8in. two-way, open-back speakers designed for mounting in the ceiling. The polypropylene speakers feature a multistep power transformer for selecting 8Ω or 70/100V modes, 1in. Mylar dome tweeter, and a power handling of 50W RMS/140W continuous. The Galil 8-CO’s frequency response goes as low as 60Hz (±3dB) and comes with a cutout template. An optional mounting bracket is also available.

Packaged with a round or square grille that can be custom painted, the 8in. full-range AxV80 from Leon Speakersare used for distributed audio or home theater main speakers. With a 1in. silkdome tweeter and easy-to-reach EQ switch, the AxV80 can be either in-wall or in-ceiling speakers. The unit has a recommended power of 50W to 125W at 8Ω, frequency response of 45Hz-22kHz (±3dB), and sensitivity of 87dB. Available with construction brackets for installation.

Great for general purpose paging, the 8in. dual cone RPAK-810-72 speaker system from Lowell Manufacturing covers a wide dispersion of 95 degrees. Each driver has an RMS power rating of 15W and employs a 10oz. ceramic magnet. The RPAK-810-72 has a dualvoltage transformer (70V/25V) with primary taps at 0.25W, 0.5W, 1W, 2W, and 5W, plus an average sensitivity of 97.9dB. This unit comes with a white steel grille, two back boxes, and two tile bridges for suspended tile ceilings.

The two-way 8in. C8.1T from Martin Audio has been designed for reverberant rooms and higher ceilings due to its 90-degree dispersion up to 7kHz. The speaker system has a smooth off-axis response and the enclosure is ported to extend the low frequency to 80Hz. Featuring a 110dB max SPL at 16Ω and 125W power handling (60W through included transformer), the C8.1T are thermal fuse protected and deliver a five-point mounting system to ensure a fast and secure installation.

Niles Audio made the CM8SI weather-resistant stereo input speakers for spaces where multiple speakers are not practical. They feature an 8in. glass fiber woofer cone with dual voice coils and dual 1in. Teteron tweeter on a stereo imaging array to preserve the stereo spectrum. The CM8SI has a frequency response of 55Hz to 21kHz (±3dB), 8Ω nominal impedance, and 10W to 130W recommended power. This unit includes magnetic grille covers and spring-tensioned mounting clamps that permit quick installation while compensating for uneven surfaces.

Merging an 8in. woofer with a 1.4in. neodymium compression driver, the QSC AD-C821 ceiling speakers carry 200W of continuous power and a 70V/100V multi-tap transformer that can operate at a 16Ω mode). With 90 degrees of coverage and frequency response of 52Hz-18kHz(-10dB), the AD-C821 has 120dB SPL and 91dB of sensitivity. The enclosure is ported and wiring is simple with two 2-pin Euro-style connectors. Also, QSC designed the AD-C821 as a fully integrated blindmount system.

Designed for false ceilings or wall panels, the RCF PL 60FD 6in. dual-cone woofer and fire dome speaker system has a multi-tap transformer that allows up to 100V, as well as 8Ω. The PL 60FD provides wide dispersion angles of 170, 130, and 80 degrees at 1, 2, and 4kHz. With a max SPL of 102dB, the unit has direct connection to Low-Z speaker lines and power rotary switch. Installation is easy and quick, thanks to a four-hook system that avoids the need for attachments.

SnapAV has designed the Episode 1300 Series In-Ceiling speakers for multi-room audio and home theater configurations. The ESS-1300T-IC-8 has an adjustable 1in. silk dome tweeter, 8in. polypropylene woofer, and 2.2kHz crossover frequency. There are also sound adjustment switches for treble, bass, surround, and dialogue settings. Weighing 5.2lbs, this model has a frequency response from 38Hz-20kHz and a sensitivity of 90dB. Installation is easy with tension dog screws, install cover, and are compatible with ES-ESS brackets. Multiple grille options also are available.

Offering 93dB sensitivity and 100W power handling, the compact Soundsphere Q-8 8in. coaxial driver can evenly cover a large area with fewer speakers with its hemispherical coverage pattern. The model Q-8 has a frequency response of 200Hz-17kHz (-3dB), 1500Hz crossover frequency, and a coverage angle of 190 degrees (±[email protected]). This unit comes fully assembled and ready to mount using a hanging kit or surface mounting bracket. Comes in paintable white and is also available in custom colors.

The IPD-CM82-BGM Dante-enabled coaxial in-ceiling Soundsphere speaker from SoundTube is developed for paging and background music applications. With an 8in. polypropylene woofer and 1in. silk dome tweeter, the IPD-CM82-BGM has BroadBeam Ring technology and operates on a Dante network connection via single Cat-5 or Cat-6 cable back to a 40W PoE or PoE plus switch. A ported enclosure brings the bass response down to 55Hz (-10dB) with 105-degree coverage. The unit comes equipped with SpeedWing clamping system and can be controlled via software. Custom colors are available.

An off-white housing variant of the 6.5in Speco Technologies MA Series speakers, the SP6MAT is comprised of a 1in. Myra tweeter along with a flame-retardant ABS enclosure. The unit has an 88dB sensitivity, runs on 40/80W power, and brings a 70/25V selectable transformer with nine power taps. The SP6MAT only weighs 5.5lbs. and covers a full range of 34Hz-20kHz. This unit includes press terminals for fast wiring, a seismic support eye for suspension ease, and a mounting system.

As a two-way, full-range loudspeaker system that can become invisible after installation, the Stealth Acoustics LR6Gconsists of a 6.5in. cone woofer and a 1in. neodymium motor. The LR6G can act as in-wall or in-ceiling speakers, plus when it functions in a full 8ft. stud bay, its frequency response can go lower than 45Hz. Features include two independent self-resetting circuits, recommended 50W power/100W RMS, 83dB sensitivity, and 170-degree vertical/horizontal coverage. Terminal wrench, mounting shims, and screws come with the unit.

Featuring an 8in. coaxial mineral woofer with rubber surround and 0.75in. soft dome tweeter, the weather-resistant CVS 8 from Tannoy includes a 60W line transformer (with power tap settings) and a 90-degree coverage angle. Its 60Hz-24kHz (-10dB) frequency response, 93dB sensitivity, and power handling of [email protected]Ω allows for use in shopping malls or large conference halls. Supplied with a painted steel back can, the CVS 8 is packaged with tile rails and C-ring for quick installation.

TOA’s PC-580RU and PC-580RVU ceiling- mount speakers are designed for retrofit applications in large facilities where common speakers are used. Both 8in. dual cone units provide 25V and 70V transformer taps up to 5W, 97dB sensitivity, and weigh approximately 3lbs. These models have a unique “monocoque” design, provide a volume adjustment knob on the grille, four mounting screws, and a terminal strip for speaker pass through. Sold in quantities of 10, TOA has aimed these speakers for projects requiring large quantities.

The VXC series F from Yamaha Commercial Audio comprises four low profile speakers designed specifically for high-quality BGM playback. Yamaha VXC Series ceiling speakers are well regarded for their music reproduction quality and intelligibility. For the F series, including the VXC5 and VXC3 models (black or white) the depth of the back of the box has been reduced compared to the standard VXC4, VXC6, and VXC8 models, providing even greater installation freedom and flexibility. Like the standard types, the VXC F models support both low-impedance and high-impedance operation, and include a number of features that contribute to faster, safer installation.

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